Best Lawn Bowls Bags

  • By: Reece Williams
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Our independent list of the best lawn bowls bags. Find the best deals on our recommendations.

Best lawn bowls bags

Best 5 lawn bowls bags

A bowls bag is one of the most essential pieces of kit you’ll need to buy when playing bowls. Not only do they have to be able to protect your bowls, they need to be easily handled when getting to and from games.

A good bag will last you years, and will keep your kit protected meaning it will last much longer.

Here we look at the best bags available, each bag listed is the best in its area. So whether you need a trolley bag to help you get around, or a more compact bag to keep in your boot, you should find one to fit your needs.

Acclaim Redcar

Style: Trolley bag Weight; 4kg

“An extremely nice Bag, very good value, well designed and built, I am very pleased I bought it.”

Amazon customer review

Rating: Best for transporting

The Redcar is the largest bag in our list, and as such it offers a very impressive amount of space. With such a large storage area the Redcar remains compact, and is ideal for everyday use.

The body of the bag has three storage compartments. The first being at the base with a split design to hold your bowls and shoes. A second middle compartment is ideal for clothes and wet weather gear, and a third zip pocket on top for smaller items

At 4kg it is on the heavier side, however it does come with wheels and handle to make it easy to get around.

Acclaim Alnwick

Style: Bag Weight: 2kg

“Great bag ,ideal for carrying bowls, shoes and polish, ideal size. Very highly recommended.”

Amazon customer review Rating: Best storage size

The Alnwick combines great storage space and a light weight design. It’s similar to the Redcar model, except without the trolley mechanism.

It shares the same three compartment structure as the Redcar so there is plenty of room for all of your essentials and accessories.

This is ideal for any bowler how needs maximum storage space, but doesn’t need the wheels for mobility.

With a 5 out of 5 rating on many review sites we can all agree this is a top quality piece of kit.

Acclaim Staple

Style: classic style bag Weight: 2kg

“Excellent quality and really good value. Speedy delivery too. Would recommend without hesitation.”

Amazon customer review Rating: Best styling

The Staple model is aimed at the bowler who prefers the classic styles. This lightweight bag stays away from the newer luggage style we now see everywhere and stays with the traditional look.

It comes in a variety of colour options too, each one in muted shades to maintain the traditional feel.

The Staple is compact for ease of transport and storage, but still has plenty of space for the essentials. From what we have seen this model will hold bowls, jumper/wet gear as well as the expected accessories (measure, chalk etc) quite easily.

Bowls have their own zipped section at the bottom of the bag, this will protect them from any damage.

Taylor Bowls Midi

Style: bag Weight: 1.8kg

“Bag was as good as described, at a very competitive price. I am over the moon with this purchase”

Amazon customer review

Rating: Best all-rounder

If you are looking for a bag that just gets tour gear to the green, without all the added extras then you need look no further than the Taylor Midi.

This bag offers all the space needed for a full set of 4 bowls with plenty of space left over for shoes or wet gear.

It’s solid construction will mean this bag will last. The materials used also mean it’s substantially lighter than most of the bags on this list!

The Midi is a great all-rounder, offering great storage space, whilst maintaining lightness for easy carrying and storage. This is why we have chosen it as our top pick.

Taylor Bowls Mini

Style: mini bag -Weight: 1.3kg

“Really pleased with the bag. Much better than the grandad bag we previously had. Plenty of room for shoes and bowls”

Amazon customer review

Rating: Best compact bag

Finally we come to the Taylor Mini. This is the smallest and lightest bag on the market. With a name like Taylor behind it, you are guaranteed it will be top quality.

Despite the small size the Taylor Mini still has three compartments! The bottom section holds a full set of 4 woods, the top section has room for shoes and a sweater and the middle section is ideal for your accessories

Taylor have matched the compact bag with great style and robustness.

The Taylor Mini bowls bag is great quality at a fantastic price.

So there you have it. The best bags on the market today. Did we miss one? Please email us and let us know your favourite.

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Get The Complete Lawn Bowls Drill Pack

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