7 Best Lawn Bowls Brands 2023

  • By: Reece Williams
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What are the best lawn bowls brands in 2023? Which brands should you be using?

7 Best lawn bowls brands

#7 Acclaim

Acclaim are much like Dek (more on them later), in so much as they do one thing and they do it well. Acclaim are well known for their superior bowls bags.

Acclaim have a wide range of quality bags, from small bowls holders, through to trolley style bags and everything in between.

They cover all styles and tastes and are truly masters of their field.

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#6 Almark

Almark are a brand under the Henselite company. Historically, Almark was a Scottish brand up until the early 1980s when is was acquired by the Australian manufacturer Henselite

Almark was the flagship brand for the UK, despite the manufacturing being moved to Australia.

Many of the Almark models are designed for indoor, and fast outdoor play. Whilst not one of the major players in modern bowls you will find a strong second hand market for these.

#5 Dek

Dek are a shoe manufacturer and have recently entered the lawn bowls arena specialising in affordable, quality bowls shoes.

I’ve added them to this list as they offer great value. They stick to what they do best, making bowls shoes that don’t break the bank.

It’s great having the premium brands that go above and beyond, as well as those who push the boundaries of technology. However, there is always space for a brand that does the basics well.

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#4 Drakes Pride

Drakes Pride as we know it today came into existence in the early 1980s. Drakes Pride were the first company to embrace computer technology to manufacture bowls. This built on the work by Henselite to bring us into the modern era of durable, consistent bowls.

Drakes Pride match their forward facing approach to other aspects of their range, including their modern shoes.

In their bowls ranges however, they still rely heavily on the popularity of their Professional model. The Professional is one of the best on the market, however, the competiton is getting stiffer and I feel they need to improve their overall range to compete in the future.

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#3 Henselite

Henselite are another full range provider. They started out as a family run business by the Hensell family in Australia, and are now one of the biggest players in bowls worldwide.

Founded in 1930 Henselite are known as the first company to make their bowls out of plastic, moving away from the traditional material of wood or rubber.

Henselite have maintained their position at the forefront of technology in lawn bowls pushing boundaries with their technically advanced shoes and bowls.

Quote “Today we are still just as passionate about bowls and making the most accurate bowls in the world”

Now overseen by the 4th generation of Hensells, Henselite is the biggest manufacturer and distributor of Lawn Bowls worldwide and has won 3 Australian Export Awards and been inducted into the Helms Foundation Hall of Fame in the U.S.A. for outstanding achievement in Lawn Bowls.


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#2 Taylor

Taylor are a family run business based in Scotland. They are one of the oldest and most trusted brands in bowls today.

Taylor offer the full range of bowls equipment. From bowls, shoes and clothing, to club essentials, bags and accessories.

They pride themselves on service and innovation.

We constantly and successfully strive to be at the forefront of bowls technology and consistently leave our competitors trailing behind

Taylor Bowls

The family run element of Taylor bowls is a huge factor when considering their exceptional level of service, and their developments in the running surfaces of their bowls is industry leading.

Taylor also rely heavily on their leading model – the taylor Ace, however they have been pushing forward with updates to their range – following trends towards grooved grips, and multiple colour options.

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#1 Aero

Aero are an Australian brand who mainly produce bowls, but they have also branched out into clothing and shoes.

Aero have made their name with their unique “Harbour Bridge” trajectory. This makes their bowls exceptionally accurate and less affected by weather and uneven surfaces.

They also have some big names using their bowls. World class players such as Alex Marshall, Aron Sheriff and Barrie Lester.

What sets Aero apart from their competiton is their inovation. Additions like the ZigZag and Z-Scoop grips have been gamechangers. Aero are also the only brand who offer half sizes. For me, Aero lead the way in bowl development.

Aero produce more Bowls…the same line eveytime, than any other Bowls Manufacturer in the World…Aero are No 1.

Aero Bowls

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The best lawn bowl brands

The best brands for lawn bowls are:

  • Aero
  • Taylor
  • Henselite
  • Drakes Pride

These “Big 4” account for almost all lawn bowls sales today.

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