Henselite Mega Grip Review | Is The Henselite Mega Grip Any Good?

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Embedded grips have been a big talking point in bowls ever since the introduction of the Z-Scoop by Aero. Since then every major brand has tried their own version of it, including Henselite’s offering – the Mega Grip. But is it any good? And how does it stack up against the competition?

Many of the new bowls purchased today will have some kind of embedded grip, and it’s easy to see why.

The channels in the shoulder of the bowl allow you to place your fingers deeper into the bowl, making it feel smaller in the hand. This in turn allows for better grip and greater control over your shots.

One of the newer embedded grips is the Henselite Mega Grip. The Mega Grip was brought in by Henselite to compete with the Aero Z-Scoop, Taylor Xtreme and Drakes Pride PRO-50, but how does it compare?

Is the Henselite Mega Grip good?

The Henselite Mega Grip is a great option for those suited to the Henselite range.

The Mega Grip is much like the Taylor Xtreme Grip, with it’s deep channel and oblong dimple grip pattern.

The Mega Grip is ideal for bowlers who placec their fingers along the shoulder of the bowl, as you will find you will naturally place them along the grip. However, if you have your fingers running across the running surface you may find the deep channels uncomfortable.

The Mega Grip will make the bowl feel smaller in the hand, but it will depend on your own personal preference to see if it suits you.

Read on for my full review of the Henselite Mega Grip.

What is the Mega grip

Lets go through the basics – the Henselite Mega Grip is an embedded grip. But what exactly is an “embedded grip”?

An embedded grip runs along the shoulders of the bowl, just like any standard grip (such as a dimple grip or a ring grip. The main difference between an embedded grip and a standard grip is a slight channel that is removed from the shoulder of the bowl. The grip pattern is then placed with in it.

The main benefits of the embedded grip is that your fingers are placed slightly recessed into the bowl instead of on the main surface of the bowl – making it feel up to 1 size smaller in the hand, but without losing any of the weight of the bowl.

When it comes to the Henselite Mega Grip, you will notice very quickly just how deep the channel in the bowl is.

This seems to be the main decision each manufacturer has had to make.

The Henselite Mega Grip is very similar to a Taylor Xtreme grip, with both opting for a deeper channel, and a more pronounced grip pattern. This is to really get the maximum benefit from both the feel of the bowl in hand, as well as the surface area for your fingers.

The Henselite Mega Grip does feel smaller in the hand compared to an Aero Z-Scoop or a Drakes Pride PRO-50 for this reason.


The approach taken by Henselite with the depth of channel leads to many of the main pros.

It feels noticeably smaller in your hand compared to other embedded grips on the market. This will lead to a better grip, and greater control over your bowl.

This is great for those who do struggle with gripping their bowl and may even allow you to improve your grip without dropping down a size.

This is also incredibly helpful in the rain, as the dimple grips no longer come into contact with the ground, as would happen with a standard grip, or even a shallower embedded grip.

The exageratted dimples also offer additional grip for your fingers. As will a standard dimple grip, your fingertips are meant to sit within a dimple, and with the extra depth you will find a greater surface area for your fingers.


Whilst the channel depth leads to the main pros, they also lead to the only drawback to the Mega Grip.

The Mega grip is fantastic for those bowlers who place their fingers along the shoulder of the bowl. You will find it a natural and comfortable grip, however you may find issues if you have a slightly different grip.

For example, if you try to hold the bowl with your fingers at an angle – as it you place your fingers across the running surface of the bowl – you can find it a touch uncomfortable.

This is because the fleshy part of your fingers will run across the shoulder of the bowl sit awkwardly on the grip.

What models is Mega Grip available on?

The Mega Grip comes as standard on ALL new Henselite bowls at no extra cost.

Similar to Aero, Henselite have committed to embedded grips going forward, and see them as the natural choice for bowlers.

So whether you are playing indoors or outdoors you can choose a set of Henselite bowls with their premium embedded grip.

Bottom Line

The Henselite Mega Grip is a fantastic option. With a deeper channel than the Z-Scoop and the PRO-50 you should see a noticeable difference in how the bowl feels in the hand.

The Mega Grip is more similar to a Taylor Xtreme grip, with both the channel depth and dimple pattern looking similar.

I would recommend the Mega Grip to any bowler who is already familiar with the Henselite range, and moving from their classic grips to the Mega Grip will be a big upgrade.