Lawn Bowls Product Recommendations 2022

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Here are my top product recommendations for lawn bowls. Best lawn bowls for indoors, best lawn bowls for outdoors and best lawn bowls for beginners.

Lawn Bowls Product Recommendations

Whilst skill, patience and determination are the best tools in your toolset, you can make your life so much easier (and your game better) by getting the right equipment for the task at hand.

Price is a consideration for most of us, so I have tried to include budget-friendly options where possible.

Best Lawn Bowls (Indoor)

Indoor bowls require very precise bowls. The faster carpets can be tricky if you’re not used to them. My picks could be considered “duel-purpose” as they can be used outdoors for most positions.

Aero Quantum – Aero are one of my favourite brands (they are actually my #1 brand in 2021), so it’s no surprise that the Quantum makes my list. Super consistent lines, predictable arc, and also pretty handy on the outdoor greens too. A strong all-rounder

Drakes Pride Professional – an absolute classic. There is a reason the Professional is one of the most popular models in lawn bowls. Tried and tested, you won’t go too far wrong. Also readily available second hand, so you can find yourself a bargain.

You can find my full report of the best Indoor Lawn Bowls here.

Best Lawn Bowls (Outdoor)

Outdoor models are the hardest to pick. There is such variety in greens within countries, not to mention the stark difference between the slow Northern Hemisphere greens and the zippy greens of Australia and New Zealand.

I have stuck to reliable mid-biased bowls for my choices, however, don’t be afraid to pick something from my list of the best lawn bowls for fast greens

Aero GrooVe – As mentioned before, I am a fan of Aero. The GrooVe is Aero’s mid-biased outdoor bowl and is a great all-rounder. Whilst you may want a tad more turn if you play skip, the GrooVe can more than hold its own at any position in a team.

Taylor Ace – Another strong allrounder. I could have quite easily have selected the Drakes Pride Professional again, however, I have stuck with the Ace. The Ace’s slightly wider arc makes it better suited to slower, heavier outdoor greens.

Best Lawn Bowls for Beginners (UK)

As a beginner, the world of lawn bowl models can be confusing. I would always recommend the “tried and tested” models as much as possible.

These classic models are also readily available second hand, so the initial outlay is less daunting.

Taylor Vector VS – It was a toss-up between the Vector VS, and the Ace. Whilst the Ace is a great bowl, I decided to go with the VS, due to its narrower line. This will be better suited to lead roles, which is where many beginners start out at. Ideal for indoor and outdoor, and also a bit cheaper second hand.

Drakes Pride Professional – Yep. You cannot go wrong with a set of Professionals. These were the first set I owned, and they are perfect for beginners.