Drakes Pride XP Lawn Bowls Review

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 2 min.

6 reasons to buy/NOT buy Drakes Pride XP lawn bowls.

Drakes Pride XP Lawn Bowls Review

Bottom line


  • Based on the hugely popular Professional model
  • Designed specifically for outdoor greens
  • Can be found in MEDIUM weight, which is very rare for new models
  • Acts as a great second set for those who already bowl indoors with the Professional model
  • Available in 20 different colour choices


  • Whilst the XP can be used indoor, it will produce a wide line, that may be difficult to control

Playing surface


Line guide


Sizes available




Drakes Pride XP

My Verdict

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A bowl designed specifically for outdoor play. If you have used the Professional model before, you will find the feel of the XP very familiar. Fantastic option for those moving to higher level singles play, or for those who regularly play skip in triples/4 wood.

Line Analysis

The XP has a mid-to-wide bias on outdoor greens. It was designed alongside top players including World Indoor champions Rob Paxton and Simon Skelton, as well as numerous Commonwealth gold medal winners, so you’ll be in good company.

The line was designed specifically for outdoor play, so should offer a variety of shot options when playing as skips, or for singles play. The XP is more than capable of playing around short bowls, or playing running shots to add/remove woods from the head.

Whilst not specifically designed for short mat bowls, the XP excels in the format. Due to the extra bias many players find them unbeatable in comparison.

Drakes Pride XP Trajectory Guide

Drakes Pride XP Trajectory Guide

Sizes and Weights

The XP comes in all of the expected sizes – 00 through to 5. The XP is available in both heavyweight, and medium, which is rare. If you are used to medium weight bowls, the XP could be a good choice for you

The XP bowls are fantastic and provide a consistent line whilst the extra bias gives me plenty of options in any position in triples or rinks play

Customer Review

Grips and colours

The XP comes with two grip options, the 30 dimple grip, and ring grip. Both are common amongst Drakes Pride bowls so either are perfectly good and will come down to personal preference.

As with the other Drakes Pride models, the XP bowl comes in 20 different colour choices. They range from the traditional tastes to some rather striking speckled effects.

It’s great to see a brand staying true to the heritage through its use of the Professional model, whilst opening up to the addition of colour that we are seeing in modern bowls.