Taylor Ace Lawn Bowls Review

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 2 min.

7 reasons to buy/NOT buy Taylor Ace lawn bowls.

Taylor Ace Lawn Bowls Review

Bottom line


  • popular with professional players
  • strong all-round bowl
  • offers reliable play regardless of the situation
  • Ideal for new bowlers
  • Better price point
  • Strong second hand value


  • Hard to find sellers on popular online marketplaces (such as Amazon)

Playing surface

Dual purpose bowl


Line guide


Sizes available




Taylor Ace

My Verdict

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The Taylor Ace black bowl is a fantastic mid biased bowl. Ideally suited for wide indoor lines and narrow to mid biased outdoor lines. It is popular with professional players, but is also ideal for beginners due to its forgiving draw line.

It’s a crowded marketplace for “all-round” bowls. Every manufacturer has at least two models to fit this purpose. Today we will be diving into the Taylor’s Ace model. Let’s see how it stacks up to the stiff competition.

Line analysis

The Taylor Ace is a Mid biased bowl. It has been designed to have a slightly wider drawing line then Taylor Vector VS – which is Taylor’s main narrow biased outdoor bowl – so it will stay on the narrow side.

It will be perfectly playable from any team position. It has a clean “hook free” finish so it will help your draw shot as a lead, but also has a wide enough line to play skip.

The Taylor Ace is a great all-round bowl which offers a reliable line regardless of shot selection. This reliability makes the Ace ideal for beginners. It’s very forgiving, unlike wider biased bowls (such as the Taylor Lignoid).

Taylor Ace Trajectory Guide

Taylor Ace Trajectory Guide

Sizes and Weights

Taylor offers all their models in the full range of sizes (00 to 5) as well as a good selection of weights, including medium, heavy and extra heavy.

Great bowl,for indoor and outdoor playing. Very pleased with them.

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Grips and colours

The Taylor Ace comes with Taylor’s unique Progrip dimple grip as standard. The Progrip is a deep circular dimple style that offers you improved control of the bowl. This is designed to help you when playing in wet conditions as the larger surface area offers more grip.

When we tried it out we could feel a noticeable improvement in our control of the bowl, which in turn helped our line control.

You also have the choice of 11 striking colour choices. Solid and speckle colours are available and come in a range from traditional, to spectacular!

As with many of the Taylor models, there is a lively second hand market. You can easily find a bargain if you aren’t concerned with the colour of the bowls.