Best Crown Green Bowls for Beginners | A Complete Buyers Guide

  • By: Reece Williams
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After learning the rules of how to play crown green bowls and deciding to participate in the sport, you’ll need to purchase your own set.

There are over 30 models currently on the market, each with distinct features, available in eight different sizes and colors. So it’s no surprise that it can be difficult to choose your first bowl set.

Choosing a set of woods will ultimately boil down to a combination of personal taste and the demands of your game.

What Size Crown Green Bowls to Choose?

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The right bowl weight is crucial, especially for new bowlers. It’s a very personal decision, and it isn’t easy to make broad assumptions about how much weight you should carry. Moreover, there are a few points to remember. First and foremost, always use the heaviest bowl you can manage.

Density – Crown Green Bowls 

There are three densities: high-density bowls, low-density bowls, and standard crown green bowls.

  • The weight of high-density bowls is less than that of standard density bowls. As a result, bowls that have higher density can pull up faster on a fast green than gliding past the jack; however, they tend to fall short on slow greens and fields.
  • Low-density bowls are larger for their weight than those that have standard density. These are similar in size to wooden bowls but run a little faster, making them ideal for slow or heavy greens.
  • The standard density bowls can be good all-around bowls that bowlers buy when they want to finish the season with the same bowls they started with. These are also good all-rounders that work well on both fast or slow greens and require less adaptability than higher or lower density bowls.


When choosing a bowl, weight is an important factor to consider, and there are many options available. Bowls range in weight from 2lb to 3lb.

Generally, the larger the ball, the heavier they are. Therefore, if all other factors are equal, heavier bowls (larger bowls) will tend to run longer distances and be less easily ‘knocked’ out of the way by opponents’ bowls.

The combination of weight and size can be useful to a crown green bowler for playing on fast greens because bowls with higher density will pull up faster than the ones with a standard thickness. However, they may pull up shorter on slower green fields, which can require more initial effort from the start.

The Best Lawn Bowls for Beginners

Here are some of the recommended models:

Drakes Pride Professional Crown Green Bowls

Drakes Pride bowls have a wider and flatter sole than Taylor’s bowls, and some people believe they don’t run as far, though they do have more traction. They feel very comfortable in the hand because they are narrow (between the mounts).

Thomas Taylor Crown Green Bowls

Taylor’s has a taller and thinner sole than Drake’s Pride bowl, and many experts believe they peg higher, although having the same bias.

The 205/6 and 207/8 are perhaps the finest gripped bowls on the market, featuring broader and deeper ornamentation than the Deluxe variant. Most elite crown green bowlers utilize Drakes Pride or Thomas Taylor, and they each have their reasons for doing so.

Henselite Crown Green Bowls

The 21st Century crown green bowls have comparable qualities to the Drakes Pride bowls, although the Super Grip has a significant pricing advantage over the Drake’s Deluxe.

Many bowlers appreciate the grip, similar to that seen on level green bowls. Please remember that this product line does not include mounts; this does not affect performance, but some bowlers prefer them.

What is The Price of A Lawn Bowl Set?

This may well be the deciding factor for many people after determining their ideal weight and density. The more unique a design style you choose, the higher the price tag.

Because new bowls can cost up to £350, it is recommended that you buy a set of used bowls for your first set. Secondhand bowls typically cost between £30 and £120, making them cost-effective.


Having the right and appropriate equipment is beneficial, but it is up to the player to put it to good use! A high-density bowl may be the best option for experienced players looking for an edge. 

However, for a beginner or someone new to the game of crown green, a better option would be to start with a bowl that has a standard density.

We hope you’ve found this guide to help you decide on your next pair of crown green bowling sets.

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Get The Complete Lawn Bowls Drill Pack

The Jack High Bowls Drill Pack is available now for instant download.

Perfect for beginners and improving players looking to be more consistent and win more games!