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Which activities you choose to participate in is a matter of personal preference, so if you decide to take part in the crown green game you might as well try to make the best of it. This is a sport played outdoors on a terrain known as a bowling green.

Best Crown Green Bowl Brands

The best Crown Green bowl brands of 2023 are:

  • Thomas Taylor Crown Green Bowls
  • Drakes Pride
  • Henselite Crown Green Bowls

Game aim

The point of the game is to roll a set of two bowls towards a smaller size bowl called the jack. Your own bowls are supposed to finish closer to the jack than the opponent’s bowls.

How to play modern crown green bowls the best way possible

Not so long ago crown green players used only wooden bowls to play. Today, the modern crown green bowls are made from special composite plastic material. Although the material is the same as that of the flat green bowls, crown bowls are smaller and not so heavy.

As opposed to lawn green bowls, played on flat rinks, crown greens are played with a crown/mound part, which influences the way bowls roll.

Size and weight

The best way to play is to choose the appropriate crown green bowls sizes because no two bowls have the same physical size. The bowls do not have the same weight, so put more effort into choosing the most comfortable weight of crown green bowls. You should not choose the heaviest bowl because heavier bowls tend to have bigger sizes, so you might not feel the bowl comfortable in your hand.

Best way to hold bowls

The typical size of a crown green bowl starts at 2Ibs, up to 2Ib 12 oz. The best way to hold the bowl is to cradle it in your hand so that the bowl rolls from the hand correctly. Hold it in a way that it is pointing in the direction that you want it to travel.

Bowl density

Crown green bowlers can choose between bowls with standard density, high density bowls, and low density bowls. Whichever density crown green bowls you choose depends on the flat green. No matter if you use second hand bowls or new bowls, make sure that you go for the correct density.

Standard density bowls

Bowls with standard density tend to work well both on fast or slow greens and are easily adaptable. The standard density bowl will not have any maintenance costs and is best for beginners.

High density bowls

The higher density bowls have denser plastic thus reducing the hand size of the bowl for a certain weight. It is easier to control and hold a high density bowl because it will be smaller. These bowls pull up faster on a fast green instead of just flying past the jack, but will be short of the jack if used on slower greens.

Low density bowl

Lower density bowls are either made from wood or plastic. The wooden bowls, being naturally produced, are not as sensitive as standard density bowls. The physical size of the bowl is bigger for a given weight, making them ideal for slow or heavy greens.

However, the bowl will feel bigger in the hand and it will be able to run continually on a fast green. Consequently, beginners have trouble controlling these bowls because of their perpetual running characteristics.

Bowls selection – best crown green bowls

If you are willing to make the best of this game, you could join some of your local clubs such as Bredon Bowling Club, with some appropriate raised surfaces. When it comes to choosing a brand of bowls, the brand range is wide, starting from Thomas Taylor to Drakes Pride.

You will probably use the same bowls for years, so you should choose wisely.

Thomas Taylor Crown Green Bowls

If you buy Thomas Taylor crown green bowls, you should know that they use the same standards for crown green bowls as for their flat green bowls. Thus their crown bowls are equally accurate and consistent. Thomas Taylor crown green bowls offer models such as the Deluxe, Elite, and Grippa. The Deluxe model is their classic model, coming in black or brown colors.

Drakes Pride Bowls

The second best option out there on the market is buying a Drakes pride bowl. Drakes pride bowls are shorter and wider soles than Taylor’s, and they peg less, although they have the same bias. You could choose from gripped bowls to those with no grips, Hi-Density Deluxe, Lo-Density Deluxe, or whatever model that suits your needs.

Henselite Crown Green Bowls

These bowls have similar characteristics to Drakes Pride’s bowls, differing in price. The Henselite Super Grip is much cheaper than the Drake’s Deluxe.


To sum up, to be good at crown green bowling, you need to follow certain principles and tactics and choose the right brand. Make sure that you choose bowls that fit best in your hands, with the appropriate density, size, and weight. Last but not the least, buy bowls from the best manufacturer out there because bowl quality and suitability are the key to your success in the game.

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