What Size Crown Green Bowls Should I Use? | A Complete Guide

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

What better way to relax in your free time or build a career than a sports activity such as crown green bowling? Played in nature, this outdoor game will give you the best of pleasure if you play it right. And to play it right, you must choose the best physical bowl size. 

The bowl selection is pretty vast, so you must choose your bowls according to the physical size of your hand. If you select new bowls or second-hand bowls, make sure that the bowl sits comfortably in your hand to avoid bowl slipping.

Choosing the Right Size of Crown Green Bowls

In the past, all bowls used to be wooden bowls of various sizes. Today, popular bowls differ not only in size but also in density and weight. Since the manufacturing process has changed throughout the years, the materials used for making bowls have slightly changed. Special composite plastic material is used for the creation of green bowls nowadays.


The sizes are based on the bowl’s weight, ranging from 2lb 0oz to 3lb (going up to 2oz increments). So the best advice that you can get is to choose the heaviest bowl that you can hold comfortably in your hand.

The deciding factor when buying new bowls is the ability to hold them comfortably and confidently to deliver the best shot. Otherwise, you would have to use grip wax, as so many beginners do.

Choosing the Most Comfortable Size

The heavier bowl will feel larger and more likely to slip from your hands. For instance, you may choose a perfect Drakes Pride bowl if you can reach your hands around its widest side, thus connecting your middle fingers with your thumbs. 

Having chosen the correct bowl size is crucial for beginners. No two hands have the same physical size, so your and your opponent’s bowls do not have to have the same size. Since you will need more than one pair of bowls, put some more effort into making sure that they are suitable for your hand.


Bias is what causes the bowl or the jack to curve to the right or left as it travels along the green. The ability to control the tendency is directly connected to your chances of winning. Older bowls may have 2¼ or 2 ½ bias, meaning they could roll in a slightly different line.

All the newly created bowls have the same 2-full bias, which is the same as the jacks. Heavier bowls tend to go further since they are larger bowls to hold. Even though bowls have the same bias, there might be some differences in bias strength.

Bowls Density

Different bowls have different characteristics. In terms of density, crown green bowls are divided into three categories. The three densities are low-density bowls, standard density, and high-density bowls.

Standard Density Bowls

Standard density plastic bowls are the most frequently used because they roll well both on fast or slow greens. It is recommended that beginners use these because bowls with standard density tend to move equally well both on a short green and on slower greens.

High-Density Bowls

However, if you have small hands, you need the usage of a high-density bowl ensured. These are created using denser plastic, thus reducing the bowl size for a given weight.

The higher density bowl can help beat the opponent’s bowls if you play on a fast green because it will pull up quicker than a bowl with standard density.

So, if you want to bowl heavier, high density is the right choice since these bowls are very useful if you struggle with the handgrip.

Low-density Bowls

Compared to higher density bowls, lower density bowls are manufactured from lighter material. As a result, low-density plastic bowls have the same size as the standard ones, yet they weigh much less.

This shift in crown green bowl weights is more appropriate for heavier, slow greens. In addition, it seems easier to control low-density bowls due to their lightness, making them travel more easily and roll longer.

Since slow greens are most common early in the season or in places affected by rain, wet weather is important for making the most of this game. Otherwise, you could switch to indoor bowls, only a variation of lawn bowls and crown green bowls.


You have been given a few pointers on crown green bowl size. What most determines the bowls selection is your hand size and grip around the bowl. 

Different bowls may not have the same weight or standard density. You could choose either high density, normal density, or low density.

The most important thing is to select from your point of view because you are the one who should feel the most comfortable with green bowls in your hands.

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Get The Complete Lawn Bowls Drill Pack

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