Lawn Bowls Dress Code | A Complete Guide

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Each club will have their own guidelines depending on the type of game is being played, however there are usually some common rules in lawn bowls that you will find in most clubs and leagues.

Lawn bowls dress code

Just like any other sport, bowlers are proud to wear their team’s shirt and expect to represent their club by wearing the correct attire. Follow these simple rules and you will fit in in no time!

The basics

At its basic level you should be wearing trousers or shorts, your club shirt (or a plain white t-shirt will do if you don’t have one) and a pair of flat soled shoes.

We will go through so more specific rules associated with each of these, as well as the reasoning behind them.

What should you wear to play bowls

There are some specific rules for each element of clothing. These aren’t hard rules, nor are they particularly complex, but they should be followed as closely as you can.

Requirements for tops

When playing a game of bowls you should be wearing the shirt or top that was provided to you by your club.

This is just the same as playing any other team sport, where all players wear the same top so should who they are representing.

If you don’t have one then a plain white t-shirt or polo shirt will be fine.

Requirements for trousers

You can wear trousers of any fabric, as long as they aren’t jeans.

The trousers should be grey for competitive games, and white for friendlies – this is a general guide, and your club may be different, so always check with your club captain.

You can buy official trousers from any major bowls manufacturer, however if you are just starting out you can just wear a pair you have around.

When I started I used a pair of work trousers, and an old pair of cricket whites!

If you are interested in taking bowls up then see below for our selections of bowls trousers you should consider.

Requirements for shorts

Shorts follow the same rules as trousers. We would suggest you shouldn’t wear gym shorts, but stick to smart cotton shorts.

As with everything else, you can buy shorts made to the correct specifications online. See below for our best picks

Requirements for shoes

Unfortunately you can’t wear any old trainers when playing bowls. Your shoes MUST have flat soles.

This is required to keep the greens in the best possible condition by preventing the grass being churned up by the grip on players shoes.

Whilst investing in a pair of shoes designed for bowls is the long term solution, it is possible to find flat soled shoes in most high street stores.

If you are looking to buy a pair of bowls shoes, checkout out best bowls shoes guide for more information.

Requirements for accessories

You are allowed to wear a variety of bowls ther accessories when playing.

Items such as hats and waterproofs are essential, especially when playing in the UK where weather can change quickly. The general rule with accessories is to ensure they are white. Apart from that you are free to choose whatever style you like.