How do you pick a Crown Green Bowl? | A Complete Guide

  • By: Reece Williams
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When bowling on grass was invented, bowls were made from lignum vitae many years ago. Lignum vitae is a type of hardwood that grows only in the southern hemisphere. In the countries where the lignum grew, people used to pick it up at the docks and use long timber lengths for their ships’ stability. The local bowls makers were lucky enough to find this hardwood and use it to build their bowls.  

However, throughout time, the governments of these countries were concerned that the wood was cut down in massive amounts. For this reason, they brought in a lot of restrictions and controls that restricted the usage of lignum vitae in small blocks.

A little while after, people started to make bowls out of other materials besides wood. Hence, the bowls made of composite plastic were introduced.

The bowl material is very crucial when you play crown green bowls. But the question is, how do you pick the right one?


What size lawn bowl should I buy?

Picking better lawn bowls than your opponents’ bowls is crucial. The sizes of crown green bowls depend on their weight. It can vary from 2lb 0oz to 3lb, increasing in 2oz increments.

When in doubt about which size lawn bowl to buy, always choose the heaviest bowl you can comfortably handle. Naturally, heavier bowls travel great lengths, but they are also harder to grip and hold.

The main factor when selecting a new set of bowls is comfort. We recommend finding the heaviest bowl you can handle, but do not compromise on your ability to grip and hold the bowl with ease.

For more experienced players, high-density bowls are a great option. However, we recommend getting a standard density bowl first if you are a beginner.

Contrary to indoor bowls, the bowls selection almost always depends on the surface.


Another thing that defines bowls is bias. The bias is the natural arc that allows the bowl to curve to the left or the right as it rolls. The bias is created when the bowl is shaped, and it adds a little weight to the sides of the bowl.

A standard amongst manufacturers is a 2-full bias bowl, and it applies to both jacks and regular bowls.      

Crown Green Bowl Weights

Crown green bowls can be high, low, or standard density. The density of the bowl affects its size but not its weight. A higher-density bowl can be the same weight as one that is lower-density. The difference would be that the higher-density bowl will be smaller in size.

Standard-Density Bowls

Standard-density bowls are recommended for new bowlers just learning how to play. It is widely accepted that these bowls are good, and they perform equally well on both fast and slow greens. The standard bowl has the perfect density and works for fast or slow greens.     


High-Density Bowls


High-density bowls are bowls made of heavy materials and are often referred to as wooden bowls. However, being heavier does not mean being bigger. One high-density bowl that weighs 2lb 8oz is the same size as a standard-density bowl with a weight of 2lb 6oz.

This bowl type is excellent for fast greens because they tend to pull up quicker than a standard bowl. Also, high-density bowls are great for people with hand and grip problems.  


Low-Density Bowls

Opposite high-density, these bowls are manufactured from lighter materials than the standard bowl. A 2lb 8oz low-density bowl has the same physical size as a standard-density bowl of 2lb 10oz.

Low-density plastic bowls are great for heavier, slow greens. Due to their lightness, it is easier to control low-density bowls as they travel more quickly and tend to run longer on more severe surfaces. Still, they tend to overrun fast greens.    

FAQ – Choosing Bowls

What is the Difference Between Lawn Bowls and Crown Green Bowls?

The answer is simple: Lawn Bowls are played on the flat green, where the bowl can run smoothly through the surface. On the contrary, crown green bowls are played on non-flat greens with a mound (or crown).

What size Lawn Bowls Should I Buy?

The perfect size is different for all people. However, here are some general tips:

Women often buy bowls from 00 to 3, while men tend to buy bowls from size 3 to 6. The most popular size is either 3 or 4lb.

What weight of Crown Green Bowls Should I Buy?

The weight of a bowl is affected by personal preference. Still,  2lb 4oz bowls are the perfect size crown green bowls for a woman, while a 2lb 8oz is the most common choice of a crown green bowl for a man.

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Get The Complete Lawn Bowls Drill Pack

The Jack High Bowls Drill Pack is available now for instant download.

Perfect for beginners and improving players looking to be more consistent and win more games!