Aero GrooVe vs Drakes Pride D-TEC | Which is Best?

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Are you a beginner lawn bowler struggling to choose the perfect lawn bowl? It can be quite overwhelming with so many options available. That’s why I will be comparing two of the most popular models – the Aero GrooVe and the Drakes Pride D-TEC – in this blog post.

I’ll break down the specs, bias, grip options, and price, and help you figure out which bowl will work best for you. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear idea of which lawn bowl is the perfect fit.


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Aero GrooVe

The Aero GrooVe lawn bowl is a mid-biased, versatile option that can be used indoors or outdoors on a variety of surfaces and conditions. Available in sizes 00 to 5 for the UK market, it may be difficult to find secondhand but can be purchased new.

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Sizes available




Drakes Pride D-TEC

The Drakes Pride D-TEC is a suitable option for indoor bowlers or those playing on fast outdoor greens. Its narrow bias makes it ideal for precise and accurate shots. It is available in sizes 00 to 5 for the UK market only, though it may not be easy to find on online second hand marketplaces.

Overall, the Drakes Pride D-TEC is best suited for those looking for a bowl with a narrow bias for indoor and fast outdoor greens.


The main difference between The Drakes Pride D-TEC and the Aero GrooVe lawn bowls is their bias.

Aero GrooVe Trajectory Guide

The GrooVe has a mid-bias, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. In contrast, the D-TEC has a narrow bias, making it best for indoor rinks and fast outdoor greens, but not recommended for outdoor play in the UK.

Overall, the choice between these bowls will depend on individual preferences and playing conditions.

Drakes Pride D-TEC Trajectory Guide

Those who play predominantly indoors may prefer the D-TEC for its narrow bias, while those who play outdoors may prefer the versatility of the GrooVe’s mid-bias. Ultimately, it’s important to select a lawn bowl that suits your playing style and the conditions of your local rink or green.


When it comes to grip options, the Aero GrooVe stands out with multiple options available at no extra cost, including an embedded grip and a non-gripped option. This provides bowlers the flexibility to choose a grip that suits their preferences and playing style. On the other hand, the Drakes Pride D-TEC only offers a standard dimple grip, which may limit the options for players with specific grip needs.

While both bowls feature a dimple grip, the Aero GrooVe’s embedded grip is set deeper into the bowl, making it feel smaller and providing better control for bowlers with grip issues. This is a unique feature that the D-TEC does not offer. However, the dimples on the D-TEC provide a classic grip style that many bowlers prefer.

Overall, the Aero GrooVe’s range of grip options and embedded grip feature make it the more versatile option for bowlers looking for a custom fit. The D-TEC’s standard dimple grip may appeal to those who prefer a classic design.


When it comes to price, there is a notable difference between the Aero GrooVe and the Drakes Pride D-TEC lawn bowls. The Aero GrooVe is a more expensive option, with a new set costing around £400 and second-hand sets costing between £300 and £360. On the other hand, the Drakes Pride D-TEC is a more affordable option, with a new set costing around £290 and second-hand sets costing between £120 and £200.

While the Aero GrooVe may be more expensive, it does come with added features such as an innovative grip design and customizable weight options. However, the Drakes Pride D-TEC still offers good quality and durability at a more affordable price point. Ultimately, the decision on which lawn bowl to choose will depend on your personal preferences and budget.


When comparing the Aero GrooVe and the Drakes Pride D-TEC lawn bowls, it’s important to consider the different needs of bowlers. The Aero GrooVe’s flexibility to be played both indoors and outdoors makes it a great choice for individuals who play in both settings. Additionally, its ability to be used in multiple positions in a team makes it a versatile option for team players.

On the other hand, the Drakes Pride D-TEC’s narrow bias and focus on indoor play make it a great choice for indoor bowlers, especially those who frequently play the lead position. While it can be used on faster outdoor surfaces, it may not perform as well as other bowls designed specifically for outdoor play.

Ultimately, the decision between the Aero GrooVe and the Drakes Pride D-TEC will depend on an individual’s specific needs and playing style. Individuals who frequently play both indoor and outdoor- may prefer the Aero GrooVe, while those who primarily play indoors and lead position may prefer the Drakes Pride D-TEC.


In conclusion, both the Aero GrooVe and Drakes Pride D-TEC lawn bowls have their unique features and strengths. The Aero GrooVe is a versatile mid-biased bowl that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play on a variety of surfaces, whereas the narrow-biased Drakes Pride D-TEC is better suited for indoor play and fast outdoor greens. However, both models are only available in sizes 00 to 5 for the UK market and can be difficult to find on online marketplaces. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on personal preference and playing style.