Aero Sonic Lawn Bowl Review

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Aero are one of the big 4 lawn bowls brands on the market, and are known for their innovative approach to designing and manufacturing bowls. Today I will be reviewing their wide biased offering – the Aero Sonic. I’ll go over it’s spec, as well as its pros and cons to give you a better understanding of whether it is right for you.

Bottom line


  • Great on outdoor surfaces
  • Versatile enough to handle different green speeds
  • Unique colour options
  • Consistent lines every time


  • Not many available on second hand marketplaces such as eBay

Playing surface

outdoor lawn bowls


Line guide


Sizes available




Aero Sonic


Aero have been one of the top 4 brands in bowls for some time now, mainly down to their innovative approach to the design and manufacturing of their bowls.

Their small range have been hugely popular in Southern Hemisphere for quite some time, and they are slowly becoming a force in the UK.

They also have a great range of models, ranging from the narrowest Quantum model all the way to their widest model, the Sonic – which we will be looking at today.

The set I have been testing is a size 2 Sonic with a Quad colour pattern, so lets take a closer look!

Line Analysis

For those not familiar with the model, the Aero Sonic is a mid-to-wide biased bowl and is currently the widest bowl in the Aero range.

Aero Sonic Trajectory Guide

As with every bowl in the Aero range it has their Harbour Bridge trajectory. What you will find is an even turn from the mid-point onwards. This is smooth and predictable, which is great for leads and singles players.

From the elbow of the shot you will have a pretty decent idea on where the bowl will finish up.

Whilst the Sonic is widest bowl from Aero, it certainly isn’t excessively wide. I would say it is most like the Taylor International or a Drakes Pride XP.

I really like the trajectory of Aero bowls, and it is remarkable how similar the trajectories are – it is just the strength of the bias that changes as you move up the range.

If you currently have a set of Quantums or GrooVes and you are considering something a bit wider, then you will feel at home with the Aero Sonics.

The Sonic works nicely on just about any condition of green, the only time I have seen them struggle with its bias is during an extended heatwave in the UK where greens became like indoor surfaces, however, this was an extremely rare case.

If you play outdoors then you will be hard pushed to find a better model than the Sonic.

Size and Weights

As with all Aero bowls, the Sonic is available in sizes 00-5 and in size “Heavy”. This combination of options is something of an industry standard with new bowls.

Aero does offer some half sizes too, which is great if you are struggling between sizes.

Grips and Colours

This is where Aero set themselves apart, with the unique grip and colour options. These include –

4 unique grips:

  • The Zigzag
  • The Dententions
  • The Z-Scoop
  • plain rings

And 7 different colour styles:

  • Solid colour
  • Speckle colour
  • Duo colour
  • Trifecta colour
  • Quad colour
  • Picasso colour
  • Rainbow colour

For my test I had my Sonics with the Z-Scoop with the Quad Earthquake colour option.

The colour is incredibly vibrant, and the flecks of colour in the bowl are even too. I love the way it looks, but I do get complaints from other bowlers about how the pattern looks when the bowl is in motion.

As the bowl has two colours alternating on the running surface it does tend to flash as it rolls which can be uncomfortable on the eyes.

The plus side to the colour flashing issue is you do get a better understanding for how fast the bowl is rolling. You can judge the pace of it by how fast the pattern flashes, but those on the rink with me have failed to see it the same way!

I’m a huge fan of the Z-Scoop grip – which you can read more on my Z-Scoop review. The move to embedded grips really does help with how the bowl feels in the hand.

Aero’s Z-Scoop also has the advantage of the Zigzag pattern, which is unque to them. I haven’t yet seen any other manufacturer attempt something similar.

For those who don’t like this style of grip, do not fear as Aero also offer any of their other grip styles for free on all models.


The Aero Sonic is a fantastic outdoor bowl. With a consistent, even draw line it is great on just about any outdoor surface.

Aero also leads the way with colour and grip options, which will make finding something that suits you a breeze.

If you are looking for an outdoor bowl then you will be hard pressed to find a better option than the Aero Sonic.

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