Taylor Lignoid Lawn Bowls Review

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Taylor bowls are one of the most respected names in lawn bowls. Their models, such as the Taylor Ace and Vector VS are some of the most popular models on the market. Their widest bias bowl – the Lignoid – is a bit of an unsung hero. But just how good is it, and is it right for you?

Bottom line


  • Affordable second hand bowl
  • Great for new players looking to get a feel for the game
  • Good in most positions on mid/slow speed greens


  • Has limited use on fast outdoor greens and indoor surfaces
  • Limited colour and grip options

Playing surface


Line guide


Sizes available




Taylor Lignoid

My Verdict

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Taylor is considered one of the top 4 bowls manufacturers – and with good reason. Their range of bowls have proved incredibly popular, with a model for just about any preference and purpose.

Whilst a lot of attention is paid to their mid range bowls (the Taylor Ace, Blaze and Vector VS), less is said about their wider biased bowls.

Today I’ll be looking at one of these, the Taylor Lignoid. As with many wide biased bowls, the serve a very specific purpose, and may not be for everyone. In this guide I’ll go through its strengths, weaknesses, and whether or not the Taylor Lignoid is the right fit for you.

Line analysis

The Taylor Lignoid is a wide biased bowl and is the widest model in the Taylor range.

Taylor Lignoid Trajectory Guide

After trying the Lignoid it is quite extraordinary how much these bowls turn. For those who have spend most of their time playing with mid-biased bowls it does take some getting used to.

Whilst the bias is strong, the trajectory is of course very consistent. Whilst you obviously need to aim wider, you can still be confident that if you hit your line you will end up where you intended.

The Lignoid is therefore best suited to outdoor greens, and particularly slow ones at that.

I didn’t try these indoors as part of my testing, but I can imagine they will be incredibly hard to play with.

Sizes and Weights

Taylor offers all their models in the full range of sizes (00 to 5), and it is also available in Heavy and Medium weights.

This is above standard, not just in the Taylor range but across the board for manufacturers today.

Most bowlers prefer the extra weight of bowl, and the need for medium weighted bowls just isn’t there anymore.

So it is a nice surprise to see a manufacturer going the extra mile and offering a “Medium” weight.

Grips and colours

The Taylor Lignoid is only available in black with Taylor’s Progrip as standard, which is a real shame.

Taylor do offer a great range of colours and grips on their popular mid-biased bowls, however it clearly isn’t extended to their narrower and wider bowls. Infact, these options are limited to the Blaze, Vector VS, Ace and International models.

It is also important to note that Taylor don’t offer their fantastic embedded Xtreme Grip on the Lignoid – again this is only available on their most popular bowls.

That being said, the Lignoid still looks great in black, and the Progrip is a brilliant dimple grip, so you certainly won’t be missing out on Taylor’s quality.

The Lignoid feels very secure in the hand, with my fingers fitting nicely into the dimple pattern. If you have had any time with other Taylor bowls in the past then you will find the Lignoid comfortably reassuring.

Taylor do offer custom orders, so if you have your heart set on a specific colour or grip you can just call them up, however, I would expect the price to jump if you went down this route.

Bottom Line

A point I have yet to bring up is the fact that the Lignoid is one of the most common bowls found on second hand marketplaces, which also means they can be found for a very reasonable price.

For this reason I often recommend new outdoor bowlers this model.

Whilst it may not last you beyond your first couple of years, they will allow you an affordable entry point into the game of bowls, and will be extremely consistent allowing you to learn the fundamentals of the game.

After a couple of years you can then sell them on again quite easily, usually for the same price you bought them, and you can get a newer set that fits your style of play better.

Whilst the Lignoid is still a great option for those more experienced wanting a bit of extra bias on slow running greens, it is also ideal for the newer bowler looking for that very first set without breaking the bank.

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