Best Lawn Bowling Shoes For Ladies

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Which bowls shoes are the best? Check out our list of the 6 best available. Which lawn bowls shoes will be rated best?

Best Lawn Bowling Shoes For Ladies

Top 6 bowls shoes for ladies

DekLace Up£20-£35
DekLace Up Trainer£18.50 – £28.50
HenseliteTiger Sport£49.99 – £56.99
AeroComfitPro Champion£47.99

The days are starting to get longer, and the weather is getting a bit warmer. This can mean one thing – bowls season is upon us!

Now is the time to review your equipment, and seeing as all good technique starts from the ground up, what better place to start this with your shoes. Today we round up the best bowls shoes for ladies, however a few on our list are unisex, so there’s something to learn for the men out there too.

What to look out for

When selecting a new pair of shoes its worth considering a few key issues.

Firstly, what fit do you need? Some shoes fit wider/narrower than others. Helpfully Amazon has some very useful tools to help. By selecting the “Find the right size for you” link you will be shown through their fitting guide. This will ask you a couple of simple questions about what you normally wear, and will make a recommended size for you. Very handy, and reduces any chance of surprise when you get them in the post.

Style is also important, and not just for how they look on. It’s important to take into consideration what they local club rules are in relation to clothing in footwear. With some more traditional clubs insisting on white clothing only it may make sense to avoid anything too outlandish. A final point to consider is the shoe fastening. Shoes are available with several options, including lace-ups, velcro straps, or even toggles. This will come down to personal preference, but is important when making your final selection.

Finally, when you’re unable to choose, it can come down to cost. There is a great variety of price brackets available, and it will come down to what you are willing to spend – not that cost should be a barrier to owning a great pair of shoes!

Dek Lace Up Bowls Shoes

Best for customer recommendation

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Dek may not be a household name yet, but their focus on affordable, quality gear makes them stand out.

Their Lace up shoes come in at a reasonable 20-35 (depending on size) and for your money you get an ultra lightweight shoe with leather uppers and rubber soles to get a great mix of durability and flexibility.

At time of writing they had 71 reviews with and average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which we think offers great value.

Dek Lace Up Bowls Shoes (Trainer style)

Best for value

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Another entry from the Dek range. This time it’s the lace up trainer style shoe. At 18.50 these are the cheapest shoe on our list, but this doesn’t mean you don’t get bang for your buck.

With a 4.4 star average (from 86 reviews, no less) you get a great modern trainer built for comfort.

“Great. Very comfortable. Will do the job required, yet still casual and looks like a normal trainer.”

Amazon customer review

Henselite Tiger Sport Lace Up Bowls Shoes

Best for support

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Henselite are tried and trusted brand for many, and any list of bowling equipment wouldn’t be complete without it.

The Tiger Sport may be the most expensive – topping the best part of 60 at the high end – but these are packed full of features to help your game.

Unique airflow technology has been designed in to improve coolness and comfort, plus the insoles are made from a special material that moulds to your foot for extra heel and arch support. Very snazzy.

Finally, they are also at the top range of the review ranking with 4.3 or of 5 stars making them highly recommend by previous buyers.

Legend Dynamics Leather Bowls Shoes

Best for classic design

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The Legend Dynamics are classic design at its best. Why go for newer, flasher models when this look is so good? At £23 these hit a great price point too.

The Dynamics are also the only velcro fastening on our list. They actually feature two velcro fastening and elastication to ensure a better fit.

Henselite HL72 Bowling Shoes (Grey)

Best for unique design

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Who says bowls shoes have to be boring? The HL72 adds some great styling elements to the classic fit of your standard Henselite shoe.

As with all Henselite shoes the HL72 comes with EVA cushioning, this allows greater flexibility through the midfoot avoiding any troublesome pinching.

At £49.99 and with 5 of out 5 stars reviews, there’s not much to complain about!

“All my bowling friends keep asking where I got them!!!”

Amazon customer review

Aero ComfitPro Champion Bowling Shoes

Best all-rounder

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If you’re looking for both style and substance, you’d be hard pushed to find a better shoe than the Aero Comfitpro Champion.

It features both a unique lining to improve coolness and extra heel support, to improve your balance through your shot.

At £48 it is in the higher price bracket, but with a trusted brand name like Aero, you know you’re in safe hands.

Comfitpro also have a 5 out of 5 star rating, which is the highest of all the models featured, which shows great value.

As we can see, there is a wide selection of models and styles to choose from. By using Amazon you are also guaranteed to have the best price possible, which is ideal regardless of the price bracket you are in.

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Get The Complete Lawn Bowls Drill Pack

The Jack High Bowls Drill Pack is available now for instant download.

Perfect for beginners and improving players looking to be more consistent and win more games!