Best Cheap Lawn Bowls Shoes | A Complete Buyers Guide

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Starting bowls can get expensive. Firstly, the bowls aren’t cheap – especially if you want a shiny new set. Next you have your club subs to fork out, and then when you think it’s all sorted, you have to get a set of shoes!

Best Cheap Lawn Bowls Shoes
DEK Approach£34
Crown King£31

It is important you get specialist lawn bowls shoes, mainly because they will have a flat sole. The flat sole will prevent any damage to the green, and will keep you popular with the other members in the club!

Of course, just because its recommended you get a specialist set of shoes, it doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. In this guide I will go through the top 3 models of shoes for less than £40.

What Shoes To Get?

There are loads of makes and models to choose from, so what makes each one unique, and are they worth the money? Lets look at a couple of key areas.


Firstly, the better models will have a more comfortable fit. A lot of the cheap models will be stiff and uncomfortable to walk and bowl in.

Look for models with lightweight, flexible material as these will provide more “give” and will make sure your shoes are just as comfortable in the 21st end as they were in the 1st.

Breathable Material

The vast majority of models are made from quality breathable materials as these help keep your feet cool as you play.

The issue with non-breathable materials is that your feet get too hot and sweaty. It’s not ideal having your feet in sweaty socks for several hours!

As mentioned, the vast majority of new models have these, however, it’s always best to double check.


With the rules on coloured equipment being loosened, you are no longer restricted to plain white shoes.

Make the most of this and make a statement when you play! Who says bowls shoes can’t look cool too?

DEK Target 

The model at the top of my list is the DEK Target – these also happen to be the ones I use myself!

If you are looking for cost effective bowls equipment then your first port of call is always DEK. DEK offer great value for money, and rarely disappoint.

The DEK Target model is available in black and white, so there is the option for the more traditional player. It also includes a cushioned inner sole, and a lightweight breathable upper. They are incredibly light – which makes it feel like you haven’t got them on at all!

DEK Approach

Second on the list is another one from DEK. The DEK Approach is the predecessor to the Target, so it shares many of the same characteristics.

The Approach has a slightly more traditional leather upper, compared to the lightweight material used on the more modern models, which is why this missed out on the top spot.

On all other counts the DEK Approach has all the key features you’d want form a bowls shoe. It’s comfortable, and has great support on the arch and ankle.

Crown King

Finally, the only non DEK model on the list – the Crown King.

The Crown King is actually designed for the crown green game, but in my opinion, it is just as good for the flat green players among us.

Once again, this has the traditional leather upper, so it missed out on the benefits of the lighter weight, breathable materials, however what it loses out in that, it makes up for with ankle support and a great price point.


If you’re shopping on a budget then you are going to have to avoid the big brands in bowls, such as Aero, and Drakes Pride.

However this doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality. There are some great finds out there that will last you for many years to come!