Best Junior Lawn Bowls

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 3 min.

What are the best junior lawn bowls? Junior bowls are get to get kids involved in bowling. See my top picks.

Best junior lawn bowls

Top 2 Junior lawn bowls

Drakes PrideJunior Professional£149.95
TaylorJunior Ace£140.00

What Junior Bowls are

Junior bowls are lawn bowls designed to be comfortable to hold and use for children and young teens.

They act exactly the same as adult bowls, so can be a great way for children to compete with each other and practice.

As they are not compliant with World Bowls rules they can’t be used in tournaments, but they are fantastic for introducing kids to the game.

How big are junior bowls

Junior bowls will have a diameter of 98.5mm (3 7/8”). This is compared to a size 00 for an adult (the smallest size available) of 116mm (4 9/16”).

Why Choose Junior Bowls?

Junior bowls should be used when a child is unable to hold a size 00 bowl.

This will aid their enjoyment of the game and can prevent technical issues that arise when a player is using a set of bowls to big for them.

Junior Bowls Recommendations

There are two models available in junior sizes. The Taylor Junior Ace, and the Drakes Pride Junior Professional.

Both are based on the hugely popular Ace and Professional adult models.

OUR #1 PICK – Junior Ace

The Junior Ace certianly looks the more “grown-up” of the options. Their colour and stamp options a very similar to their adult Ace range. This makes them ideal for older children and teens as they will help them transition to the adult range down the line.

They are also helped by the fact that Taylor offers 0000 and 000 sizes in a slection of their adult ranges. This also helps when making the quite substantial jump from junior up to adult.

Junior Professional

These are great for younger children.

The bright primary block colours look a lot like a set of beach boules, so children will likely be familiar with them. Just make sure they roll them, and not throw them!

Unfortunately the jump from junior to adult sizes isn’t helped by Drakes Pride only offering the smallest 00 sizes in their adult range. For this reason we recommend these for the younger ages – such as primary school children.

Both these models have similar draw arcs and come with no grips on the bowls.

Where to Buy Junior Bowls

Junior Bowls – New

Junior bowls will be available from any lawn bowls stockists. It’s quite probable that they won’t have many (if any) directly in-stock, but they cn be ordered in on your dehalf.

If you are interested in the Taylor Ace in sizes 0000 and 000, then you can order them directly from Taylor Bowls.

Junior Bowls – Second Hand

There isn’t much of a second hand market for junior lawn bowls, so we can’t give an accurate price point. They do come up from time to time, so keep your eyes pealed.

As you can see there are some great options for children who want to take up lawn bowls, with ideal selections for different age ranges. The feel and performance are similar across all the ranges, so we suggest doing it based on your child’s aesthetic preference.