Best Lawn Bowls Grip Enhancers

  • By: Reece Williams
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What are the best lawn bowls grip enhancers? Our list of products will ensure you have the most reliable grip possible.

Best lawn bowls grip enhancers

Bowlers put in plenty of hours practicing, and honing their technique. However all this work can be un-done if you are unable to grip your bowl properly. Playing during a British summer often means playing in the rain, which is the worst nightmare for anyone you have issues with slippery bowls.

In order to combat this, a bowler has many tools at their disposal. Each one designed to improve your overall grip, and to help you deliver your bowl consistently. Here we look at the most popular products available to help you find one that works for you.

So, get a grip! And let’s begin.

What are grip enhancers?

Grip enhancers are a product applied to the bowl, or a product applied to the fingertips to help you grip on to the bowl. They are often used sparingly, and will make the bowl feel slightly tacky.

They can come in many forms, from creams and wax applied to the bowl. Or can be a material or block that you press your fingers into.

Why use grip enhancers?

Good control of the bowl starts with a reliable grip. This allows the hand and fingers to stay relaxed. Relaxed hands are important for a smooth release. Tense fingers are also a cause of bowls wobbling after release.

Playing in wet conditions can also be tricky. Whilst some moisture is good for making your bowls tacky, excessive water makes them slippery and impossible to control consistently.

A good grip enhancer helps with both these issues. They provide a solid, reliable grip on a dry bowl, as well as removing the slipperiness from a wet one.

Best grip enhancer products

Grip-it Cloth

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Grip-It is a “tackifying cloth”, which you keep in your pocket when you play. If you are having trouble with your grip you simply rub it between your fingers.

Its main benefit is that it’s mess free. Many other products require rubbing wax onto your bowls, which can get everywhere. Not nice!

A bag of Grip-It cloths can be cut up into smaller pieces, so you only use what you need in a game. The bag as a whole can last a regular bowler up to 3 months.

Grip-It is also great for indoor bowls. Many clubs ban the use of bowl polishers (some of which are included below) as they can damage the carpet, so this is a great alternative.

Useful even in the dry, gives me confidence of not letting wood slip, so I can concentrate on direction and strength.

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Grippo is produced by Henselite, and is currently the most popular bowls polish in the world. When used regularly it can help keep your bowls in great shape, as well as providing some tackiness to help with your grip.

We recommend buying Grippo in tubes, and not in pots. This allows you to place the product directly onto your bowls. SImply use a small amount directly onto the bowl, and then polish into the surface with a cloth.

It isn’t advisable to use Grippo if you play indoors as this is a polishing product, and will be banned in many indoor rinks.

Grippo makes a big difference to my delivery of my woods when I play as previously I was prone to losing my control of delivering the ball.

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Crack-A-Jack Wax

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Crack-A-Jack is another popular bowls polish. Made by Drake’s Pride, it comes in a small yellow tube and can be applied to the bowl with a clean cloth.

Unlike Grippo, Crack-A-Jack is only available in tubs which can lead to a bit of a mess when you try and get some onto a cloth. All that aside, Crack-A-Jack is ideal for any outdoor bowler. Again, we must note that this is a bowls polish, so will be restricted to outdoor use only.

Only a small amount needed to put a great protective polish on your bowls and it really does help with grip. My father has used other popular bowls polishes but after having this one says he will only use this from now on!

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Bulldog Bowls Grip Wax

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These are small blocks that you keep in your pocket as you play. Simply soften one up in your hands, and then roll it between your fingers. This leaves a thin layer over your fingers to help grip the bowl.

This product has been designed for use in wet weather conditions, so won’t wash away when gripping the bowl.

I personally use this as a back-up to use alongside one of the other options listed above when things get a bit damp. However, it can be used by itself in the dry if you find it works for you.

Very effective way of giving grip on bowls. I find it much better than having a damp cloth. It works in all situations – if your hand gets too dry or too sweaty.

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There are alternatives to the dedicated products available. With a bit of ingenuity you can get the same benefit, but without the price tag.


This is an old-school option. Why buy a tube of Grippo when you can just lick your fingers?

This should come with a word of warning, however. Many greens are now chemically treated, and licking your fingers after touching a bowl can mean you ingest them. We wouldn’t recommend starting using this method as it can make you quite ill if you’re not careful. Been doing it for the last 20 years? Who are we to stop you now!

Rubber ear plugs

This one I have seen a few times. If you, or a relative works in a noisy environment, then you may be familiar with the soft, squidgy ear plugs that are given to employees. If you squeeze them, and roll them around enough they turn into a sticky blob, which can then be applied to your fingers.

Just keep it in your pocket, and roll it around before you begin your delivery routine.

I hope we have helped clear up the different options available. Give a few a go, and find the one that works best for you.

Have a favourite that’s not featured? Then let us know by sending an email via our contact page.

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