Best Mid Bias Lawn Bowls | A Complete Buyers Guide

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Finding the right set of bowls is a tricky task. This is especially for casual players as you want a set that can be played equally well on indoor, and outdoor surfaces, as well as being handy when its roasting sunshine or pouring with rain.

This is why mid biased bowls are so popular. Their bias is strong enough for the worst outdoor conditions, whilst not being too strong that you can’t play on the faster indoor surfaces.

So what makes a mid biased bowl? And which are the best ones available today? Here is my list of the best mid biased bowls.

BrandModelPrice Range
Drakes PrideProfessional£295
HenseliteTiger II£370
best mid biased bowls

What are mid biased bowls?

There is no standard definition of a “mid-biased bowl”. The term covers any model of bowl that has a “medium” amount of turn on it.

That means that you can play on both indoor and outdoor rinks – with the bias being a bit stronger than an indoor model of bowl, and a bit weaker than an outdoor model. A mid biased bowl sits in the middle ground, not being a specialist in any one condition, but is designed to be a good allrounder.

Why you should get a set of mid biased bowls

As you can imagine, any bowler who plays all year round – outdoor during the summer and indoor during the winter – would suit a mid biased bowl.

But mid biased bowls aren’t just for those who want the flexibility. Mid biased bowls have their own strengths in indoor and outdoor play.

Indoors they take a wide line to the jack, making them ideal for skips. Models such as the Aero GrooVe are also very adept when it comes to weighted shots – meaning they only need a few yards of weight to hold their line – again, making them a great choice for indoor skips.

Outdoors they take much less green, however they become ideal for those playing lead, or number 2 in team play, and are also great for singles play.

Models such as the Drakes Pride Professional are popular in outdoor singles play, as they offer enough turn to get around the head, but doesn’t have the wide bias of an outdoor specialist model.

Recommended Mid Biased Bowls

There are plenty of mid biased bowls on offer in the market. here are my recommended mid biased bowls.

Aero GrooVe – Top Choice

The Aero GrooVe is one of my personal favourite models.

The GrooVe offers a slightly wider line than many of the other models in this list, so would favour those who play predominantly outdoor, or if you play skip indoors.

Aero also offer a wide variety of grips including their Z-Scoop grip, which you won’t find on any other brand of bowl

Drakes Pride Professional

The Drakes Pride Professional continues to be one of the most popular and successful models of all time.

Its a fantastically balanced and consistent bowl, making it easier to gauge your line. It can be picked up at a reasonable price on second hand marketplaces, which is ideal for newer bowlers, or those on a budget.

Drakes Pride also offer the PRO-50 – which is the same as the Professional, but with a modern embedded grip – this is slowly becoming just as popular as the original Professional model.

Taylor Ace

Much like the Professional, the Taylor Ace has been hugely popular for years.

In my experience I have found the Ace to have a slightly wider line than the Drakes Pride Professional, but they are very similar. It is a common choice for bowlers over the years – the Drakes Pride Professional, or the Taylor Ace!

Taylor offers a wider range of customisations (if that’s your thing) as well as offering more grip options.

The Ace does hold its value better when sold second-hand, so you won’t make a huge loss if ou do opt for buying brand new.

Henselite Tiger II

Finally, the last of the “big three”. The Tiger II has been a mainstay in the Henselite range, and with good reason.

It is used by pros and club players alike. You will find it hard to play a club game in the UK without coming across either the Tiger II the Ace or the Professional!

Much like the the classic choices, its a solid bowl with a predictable line.

Biased Torque

Biased Bowls are one of the new faces in the bowls world, but they offer a great mid biased option with their Torque model.

The Torque model offers a hook free finish and can be played equally well indoor and outdoor. Biased currently only offer the one grip option, which can limit your choice, but the grip they do offer is the same Taylor Progrip found on the Ace.

You won’t find many of these around at your local club level, but they do stand out, and they perform excellently!


Mid biased bowls are a staple choice for many club bowlers. As you can see there are plenty of choices out there for all different abilities and price points.

My personal favourites are the Aero GrooVe, as I prefer the grip options, and the slightly wider outdoor line, but a close second is the Biased Torque. A smooth line and a great look makes it a possible new favourite to challenge the Taylor Ace and Drakes Pride Professional.