Best Wheeled Trolleys For Lawn Bowls 2023

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

See our complete buyers guide to help you select your next bowls bag.

Best Wheeled Trolleys for Lawn Bowls

Walk into any bowls club near you and you can guarantee the vast majority (if not all!) bowlers will have a wheeled bowls bag trailing behind them.

A wheeled bag is far more convenient and manageable than a smaller hand held bags – especially for the more experienced bowler.

Today we hope to help guide you through selecting your own wheeled bowls bag, to make sure you make the best investment possible. Benefits of bowls bags with wheels

Before we look into the specifics of which bag to select, it’s probably a good idea to review why you’d want one in the first place.

Firstly – and most obviously – It makes it easy to transport your bowls gear. Equipment can be bulky and by using a wheeled bag you can get your bowls equipment too and from the green without losing too much puff.

Larger bags also mean you can keep all of your bowls gear in one place. This can help keep your things together and help prevent anything moving around and getting lost.

If, like me, bowls is solely a summer sport, then you’ll need somewhere to store your bowls through the winter. The bowls bag is an ideal place, as it will keep all of your equipment safe and secure over the long winter months.

Key features of bowls bags

There are many models of bags on offer. By understanding all of the key features we can whittle this list down to the best 5. Here, we will list our top 3 considerations when selecting a bowls bag.

For the purposes of this guide we will be ignoring price, as this is very much a personal choice, however, we will be showing our list of favourite bags, with options for all price brackets.


The main consideration when selecting any piece of luggage is simply “how much stuff can I get in it?”. Why buy a bag, if it doesn’t fit all of your bowls gear?

By their nature, wheeled bowls bags are pretty big (hence the need to put them on wheels!), so you’ll rarely be lacking on space. However, it is always good to keep this point in mind when inspecting potential purchases.

This can work both ways, of course. If you only have a small amount of equipment, then what is the point of buying an overly large bag, just to have your bowls rolling around in side.

Number of compartments

Bowls bags are often split into multiple compartments. It’s not considered great to have a bag with a single, large compartment (like a suitcase), as this would mean all of the contents would crash and bash around, causing potential damage to the items inside.

Bags are split into as little as two compartments, but can get upto 5 or six. Normally, there will be a single compartment to hold your bowls and shoes, with additional sections of varying sizes to hold anything else – such as jumpers, shirts, box measures and other assorted nic nacs!


The quality of the construction is possibly the most important element to any bag (or indeed to anything generally!). What is the point in having a ginormous bag, with a dozen compartments if it falls apart halfway to the club house on it’s first use?

All of the bags we have selected have been chosen because of their quality build standard. This is evident in the feedback from users as well as the history and track record of the manufacturers behind them.

Best bowls bags with wheels

Drakes Pride trolley bag

Available here

Rating 4.5 out of 5 (47 reviews) Price £84.74


  • Two large storage sections. This gives plenty of space for all your bulky items. It’s also ideal for when wet weather gear is used, as it keeps the damp clothes away from your bowls and shoes
  • Two pockets for smaller items. Keeping your smaller bits in these handy pockets prevents the frustrating problem of losing them in a large section amongst your clothes! Nice and handy. Double wheels. This is an upgraded version of the classic Drake’s Pride bag. The double wheels on each side help make rolling on rough and uneven surfaces much smoother


The price is on the higher end, however with the extra quality of buying from Drake’s Pride and the extra storage space we feel it’s worth it

Aero bowls ComfitPro Ultraglide

Available here

Rating 5 out of 5 (6 reviews) Price £80


  • Strong build quality. Has been noted by many of the reviews just how strong and robust this bag is Plenty of dividers to keep your kit separate. Whilst it only has one main storage compartment, it is suitably divided to allow specific sections for each bit of kit
  • Designed to fit in a locker. This is often overlooked in a bowls bag. It is slightly shorter than an average bag, however this does allow it to fit in 99% of lockers. This is great if you have them available in your club


Slightly smaller than an average wheeled bowls bag. This bag does lack the secondary compartment, and being slightly shorter you do pose a bit of space


An alternative for the wheeled bag is a bag trolley. This is a metal trolley that you can attach your existing bag too.

This is a great budget option, especially if you have a bag already which is in good condition.

If this is something that interests you we would recommend the Drake’s Pride “fold flat” trolley (Available here). At £23.49 it’s nearly a quarter of the price of a brand new wheeled trolley, and with an average of 4 out of 5 stars (from 97 reviews) it’s got some great feedback.

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Get The Complete Lawn Bowls Drill Pack

The Jack High Bowls Drill Pack is available now for instant download.

Perfect for beginners and improving players looking to be more consistent and win more games!