Henselite Tiger Lawn Bowls Review

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Today’s market is jampacked with mid-biased bowls, with only a few models dedicated solely to either indoor or outdoor bowlers. This is a real shame as their are some gems out there for those who want to venture outside the “mid biased” comfort zone. in this guide I’ll be looking at one such specialist – the Henselite Tiger.

Bottom line


  • Ideal for backend bowlers (such as skips)
  • Produced solely for outdoor bowlers
  • Fantastic choice of grips and colours
  • Its hooked finish is great for drawing around short bowls


  • Not great as a duel purpose bowl

Playing surface


Line guide


Sizes available




Henselite Tiger

My Verdict

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Henselite is one of the most popular brands on the market today. They are known for their wide range of quality bowls, mainly their classic Tiger and Tiger II models.

In this guide I’ll be looking at the Tiger model in more detail, going over its pros, cons and whether or not it is the right bowl for you.

Line analysis

The Henselite Tiger is a wide biased bowl, designed for outdoor bowlers on mid-to-slow greens.

Henselite Tiger Trajectory Guide

In fact, the Tiger is the widest bowl available in the Henselite range. If I were to compare it to a model of a different brand, then you’ll have to look at something like a Taylor Lignoid – as very few brands make bowls with such a strong bias anymore.

The modern trend is for bowls that have a gradual, consistent draw trajectory to the jack, however the Tiger has a strong, slightly hooked finish instead. This is because the Tiger is aimed at backend bowlers (such as skips) who may need to draw around blocking shots and busy heads. And what better way to get around them then to hoop around the back.

The Tiger may not be for everyone, however, it has been made with a specific player in mind, which is a credit to Henselite. The temptation for manufacturers to just keep producing mid biased bowls to target the majority of bowlers must be strong, but this neglects the bowlers who need something just a bit different.

Sizes and Weights

Henselite offers all their models in the full range of sizes (00 to 5), and is consistent with other brands in only selling their models in a “Heavy” weight.

I personally prefer a Heavy weight bowl, and it is rare to find a bowl that is sold new today that is anything different.

Grips and colours

Like all Henselite bowls, the Tiger comes with their unique Mega grip and Ergo fit profile. Combined, it makes the Tiger really rather comfortable in the hand.

If you compare the Tiger (or indeed any Henselite bowls) to other brands you can see the different shaping, and how it is narrower.

These two factors make Henselite bowls great for those who struggle to hold their bowl, and may be something you want to try before moving down from your current size. As with any bowl, your comfort and control over the bowl are the most important things when choosing a bowl, so having these features is great for those who are borderline on whether they should change size or not.

Henselite offer their bowls in 5 colours – but they often add extra colour options for limited times, so you will always find something that takes your fancy!

Bottom Line

The Henselite Tiger is a specialist, and as such will not be to everyone’s taste.

If you bowl all year round, playing indoors and outdoors, or if you specialise in playing lead and singles, then the Tiger is unlikely going to be for you.

However, if you are a skip in your outdoor club, and you need something with a bit of extra “zip” in your bias then the Tiger is ideal for you.