Price Of Aero Lawn Bowls | A Buyers Guide On Prices Of Aero Bowls

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Aero are one of the top brands in the world, but they are relatively new. This makes it tricky for bowlers to know how much Aero bowls cost – this is especially true for second hand sets.

Price Of Aero Lawn Bowls

Second hand Aero bowls do cost more than other brands, however this is simply supply and demand – as the brand is so new there aren’t many sets coming up for sale. In contrast models by Drakes Pride are much cheaper, as they have been so popular for so long there are plenty of sets available to buy at any one time.

How much Aero Bowls Cost

Condition Of BowlsPrice (GBP)Price (AUD)
The price of new and used Aero bowls for UK and Australia

Prices of New Aero Bowls

Aero bowls can be bought online or in any bowls store. They do offer “pre-made” sets, however these are limited and you are better off buying a custom set using their “Build a Bowl” feature.

The custom builder lets you choose which model, colour, grip and logo you would like, so you have complete flexibility.

These made to order bowls cost in the region of £379 in the UK and $589 in Australia and New Zealand.

Prices of Used Aero Bowls

Prices of used Aero bowls will vary due to the low supply of second hand sets. However, from my experience you can get a set of used Aeros in the region of £240-280 in the UK and $450 in Australia.

The prices will fluctuate, and you may find the average cost is a bit higher or lower than what I have seen.

I expect the price of used Aero bowls to go down over the next 5-10 years as the brand matures into the market, but until then you will find prices to be much higher than most other brands and models.

Availability Of Aero Bowls

Aero bowls can be ordered from any lawn bowls store, but can also be purchased online at (for Australia and New Zealand) or from a variety of resellers in the UK.

If you are looking for a second hand set your best bet would be eBay. I would also recommend checking out my guide on buying second hand bowls if you are interested in where else you can buy quality used bowls.


Aero bowls are slightly more expensive than most other brands, and this is with good reason – however it can be hard for bowlers on a budget to buy a set.

My normal recommendation would to always buy second hand, however with the prices and availability being the way they are, you would probably be better off buying them new, and using the “Build a Bowl” feature get exactly want.