Henselite Tiger II vs Henselite Tiger | Which is Best?

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Are you new to lawn bowls and feeling overwhelmed by the numerous options available? I understand how you feel. But don’t worry, in this blog post, I’ll be comparing two of the most popular lawn bowls – the Henselite Tiger II and the Henselite Tiger.

We’ll be analyzing the spec of the bowls, the bias, the grip options, and the price. Additionally, I’ll be providing some insight about who these bowls are best suited for. By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with all the information you need to confidently choose the right lawn bowl for you!


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Henselite Tiger II

The Henselite Tiger II is a narrow biased lawn bowl suitable for indoor play and fast outdoor greens. It is ideal for indoor bowlers and those who play lead on fast outdoor greens. The bowl is available in sizes 00 to 5 for the UK market only and can be difficult to find on online second-hand marketplaces. The Henselite Tiger II is a high-quality bowl that is best purchased brand new.

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Henselite Tiger

The Henselite Tiger is a wide biased lawn bowl that is perfect for outdoor play, particularly on all surfaces. It is specifically designed for skips and is available in sizes 00 through 5, but only for the UK market. The Henselite Tiger can be difficult to find on online second hand marketplaces like eBay, so purchasing new may be necessary.


The Henselite Tiger and Henselite Tiger II lawn bowls have significantly different biases. The Tiger II is a narrow biased bowl, sitting between the Tiger TX and the Tiger Pro in the Henselite range.

Henselite Tiger II Trajectory Guide

It is designed for indoor rinks and fast outdoor greens, making it ideal for indoor and lead outdoor bowlers. On the other hand, the Tiger is a wide biased bowl, sitting between the widest bowl in the Henselite range. It is designed for outdoor greens, suitable for all outdoor surfaces but should be avoided if you play predominantly indoors.

Henselite Tiger Trajectory Guide

These distinctions make it important for bowlers to choose the right bowl based on their preferred playing surface and conditions.


Both the Henselite Tiger II and the Henselite Tiger come with the same standard grip, the Henselite Mega grip, which is an embedded grip. The embedded grip is set deeper into the bowl and is ideal for bowlers who have difficulty gripping the bowl. This design makes the bowl feel smaller in your hand, which can be beneficial in improving grip.

In contrast, the dimple grip is a classic style of grip that features small divots or dimples along the shoulder of the bowl. This style is often preferred by bowlers who prefer a more tactile grip. While the Henselite Tiger II and Henselite Tiger both come with embedded grips, bowlers who prefer the classic feel of a dimple grip may want to consider other models or after-market grips.

Overall, the choice between the two models will ultimately come down to individual preferences and needs. Whether you prefer the embedded grip of the Henselite Tiger II or the classic dimple grip, both models offer high-quality construction and are suitable for both beginner and experienced bowlers.


When it comes to comparing the prices of the Henselite Tiger and the Henselite Tiger II, there are some differences to take note of. Both bowls have a similar price point when purchased new, with the Henselite Tiger costing around £400 and the Tiger II costing around £420.

However, when looking at purchasing used bowls, the prices can vary significantly. The Henselite Tiger II can be found second hand for a price range of £200-290, while the Henselite Tiger can be found in the range of £200-690.

Overall, it’s worth considering both the initial purchase cost and the potential resale value when comparing these two models. While both are high-quality lawn bowls, the Henselite Tiger II may have a slightly higher resale value due to its more recent release and popularity amongst bowlers.


If you primarily play indoor bowls, the Henselite Tiger II would be the ideal choice for you. It is a narrow biased bowl that is designed for indoor play but can be used on faster outdoor surfaces as well. The Tiger II is perfect for lead players who require a bowl that can make tight turns and draw towards the jack with ease.

On the other hand, if outdoor bowls are your preference, the Henselite Tiger is the bowl for you. It is a wide biased bowl designed solely for outdoor play and provides a comfortable grip even in wet conditions. The Tiger’s wide bias makes it the perfect choice for mid to back position players, allowing them to draw around the head and create a wider angle of attack.

Ultimately, the choice between the Henselite Tiger II and Henselite Tiger comes down to your preferred style of play. For indoor bowlers who play lead, the Tiger II is the perfect choice, whilst for those who prefer outdoor play and mid to back positions, the Henselite Tiger would be the ideal choice.


In conclusion, the Henselite Tiger II and Henselite Tiger lawn bowls are both popular models with unique features suited for different types of play. The Henselite Tiger II is best for indoor or fast outdoor play, with a narrow bias and available in limited sizes. On the other hand, the Henselite Tiger is ideal for all outdoor surfaces and suited for skips, with a wide bias and also available in limited sizes. While both models may be hard to find on online second-hand marketplaces, purchasing them brand new may be the best option. Ultimately, it depends on the individual player’s preferences and needs.