Taylor Ace vs Aero Sonic | Which is Best?

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Are you a beginner who’s overwhelmed by the task of choosing the right lawn bowl? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! In this blog post, I’ll be comparing two popular lawn bowl models – the Taylor Ace and the Aero Sonic – to help you make an informed decision.

I’ll be breaking down the spec of the bowls, their bias, grip options, price, and who they’re best suited for. So by the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear idea of which lawn bowl would be your perfect fit.


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Taylor Ace

The Taylor Ace lawn bowl is a mid-biased model perfect for both indoor and outdoor play. Versatile in its design, this bowl can effectively be used on a variety of surfaces and conditions. Available in sizes 00 to 5, this model is limited to the UK market. However, shoppers can still find the Taylor Ace on online marketplaces such as eBay. Overall, the Taylor Ace is a reliable option for lawn bowling enthusiasts looking for a bowl with a mid-level bias.

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Aero Sonic

The Aero Sonic is a wide and ideal outdoor bowl with a bias designed for skips. It is available in sizes ranging from 00 to 5, but only for purchase in the UK market. While it may be difficult to find second-hand Aero Sonic bowls for purchase, they can be purchased new.


The Taylor Ace lawn bowl is mid-biased and sits between the Blaze and the International in the Taylor range.

Taylor Ace Trajectory Guide

It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, making it versatile for different surfaces. On the other hand, the Aero Sonic lawn bowl is mid-biased/wide biased, making it the widest bowl in the Aero range. It is best suited for outdoor greens and all outdoor surfaces.

When comparing the bias of these two bowls, it is clear that the Taylor Ace is more versatile for different playing surfaces. However, the Aero Sonic offers more bias, making it a better choice for outdoor play.

Aero Sonic Trajectory Guide

Ultimately, the choice between these two bowls will depend on the player’s preferences and the specific playing conditions they will encounter.


When it comes to the grips of lawn bowls, the Taylor Ace and Aero Sonic both offer a range of options to suit individual bowlers. The Taylor Ace comes with a choice between the Progrip and the Taylor Xtreme grip, both of which are top-class grips. The Progrip is a dimple grip while the Xtreme grip is embedded. On the other hand, Aero Sonic offers a wider variety of grips options than other brands, including the dimple, embedded and non-gripped options, and all at no extra cost. Additionally, the embedded grip on the Aero Sonic is set deeper into the bowl, making it ideal for bowlers who have problems gripping the bowl properly.

Overall, both the Aero Sonic and Taylor Ace offer competitive grip options, with the Aero Sonic coming out on top for variety and inclusive pricing. Meanwhile, Taylor Ace gives an edge in terms of offering two distinct grip styles to suit various preferences. Ultimately, the choice depends on the individual bowler’s preference and comfort level.


In terms of price, the Taylor Ace is generally more affordable than the Aero Sonic. The new version of the Taylor Ace can be purchased for £360, which is slightly lower than the Aero Sonic’s new price of around £400. Additionally, the second-hand market for the Taylor Ace ranges from £160-£230, making it a more cost-effective option for those on a budget.

However, if you are specifically looking for the Aero Sonic lawn bowl, it’s worth noting that finding a good quality second-hand set may be difficult and could cost around £300-£360. Despite this, the Aero Sonic’s unique design and impressive features may make it worth spending the additional money for those who are serious about their bowling game.

Overall, while the prices of the Taylor Ace and Aero Sonic differ slightly, both are high-quality options for lawn bowls enthusiasts, and ultimately the decision on which to choose may come down to individual preferences and budget constraints.


The Taylor Ace lawn bowl is a mid-biased model that is suitable for players who prefer a versatile option that can perform well on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. This characteristic makes it an excellent choice for individuals who want to play on a variety of greens and surfaces, such as in competitions or leagues held in different locations.

On the other hand, the Aero Sonic is a superb outdoor bowl that is designed to provide consistent and accurate delivery in various outdoor conditions. This model is an ideal choice for people who enjoy playing lawn bowls exclusively outdoors and want a bowl that can adapt to different positions within a team.

Overall, both the Taylor Ace and the Aero Sonic offer unique advantages depending on the player’s preferences and playing conditions. The Taylor Ace is the perfect choice for those who want a bowl that can perform well in both indoor and outdoor settings, while the Aero Sonic is best suited for individuals who prefer to play exclusively outdoors and need a bowl that can adapt to different positions within a team.


In comparing the Taylor Ace and the Aero Sonic, it becomes clear that both bowls have their unique features that make them attractive to lawn bowling enthusiasts. While the Taylor Ace is a versatile mid-biased bowl that can be used both indoors and outdoors, the Aero Sonic is well-suited to outdoor play with its wide bias and compatibility with all types of outdoor surfaces. One thing to note, however, is that the Aero Sonic may be harder to find on online second hand marketplaces, whereas the Taylor Ace can often be found on these platforms. Ultimately, the choice between these two popular models of lawn bowls will depend on individual preferences and playing styles.