Taylor Blaze Lawn Bowls Review

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 3 min.

6 reasons to buy/NOT buy Taylor Blaze lawn bowls.

Taylor Blaze Lawn Bowls Review

Bottom line


  • Ideally suited to indoor players
  • Can be played outdoors
  • Smooth, consistent draw line
  • Great brand with a history of making quality, and consistent bowls


  • Would be better for more experienced bowlers. One to avoid if you’re a beginner
  • A better all-round bowl in the Taylor range is the Ace

Playing surface

Dual purpose bowl


Line guide


Sizes available




Taylor Blaze

My Verdict

The Taylor Blaze is a multi-purpose bowl. It can play very narrow outdoors so it’s only suitable for leads or number 2s. Indoor it’s an extraordinarily versatile model, ideal for all kinds of play. Reliable smooth line to the jack.

Line analysis

The Taylor Blaze sits in between the Vector VS and Ace. It’s designed with the indoor game in mind, however it can easily be played outdoors – especially on faster summer surfaces.

Taylor Blaze Trajectory Guide

The Blaze is great for drawing shots. It’s smooth draw has no hooked finish so you can be confident in the line you choose to bowl too.

Some do have trouble with weighted shots, with some difficulty found with “yard on” shots. With this being the case the Blaze may be better suited to more experienced indoor bowlers who have experience playing these more aggressive shots.

Sizes and Weights

Comes in with the standard range of sizes 00-5. As is the modern trend, the Blaze is only available in heavyweight

Grips and colours

Great choice of colours available. Taylor has really embraced the move towards a more colourful bowls, with plenty of blocks, and patterned choices available. In total there is a choice of 13 different colours, so you will definitely find something to suit your taste.

When you buy directly from Taylor you will only be able to get their Premier grip as standard.

The Premier Grip

Taylor Premier Grip

The premier grip is similar to a standard dimple grip found on most models, however the indents are a more oblong shape.

Whilst this is the standard choice, if you buy from certain retailers you can get the Blaze with one of Taylor’s unique grips. The Progrip and the Xtreme

The Progrip

Taylor Progrip Grip

Until recently the Progrip was Taylor’s only premium grip. If you have come across the Ace or Vector VS models you may be familiar with it, as it comes as standard on these models.

The Progrip consists of deep circular dimples, much deeper than a normal dimple grip, leading to a more reliable and consistent grip. We have been big fans of this grip and it is something we would recommend you consider.

It can cost upwards of £40 on new bowls, however, we think it is a solid investment

The Xtreme Grip

Taylor Xtreme Grip

The Xtreme grip is new to Taylor in 2020. This is brought out to compete with the Aero Z-Scoop and the Drakes Pride PRO-50.

For those that are not familiar with this style of grip – it consists of a channel removed from either shoulder of the bowl, and a grip pattern engraved within the bowl itself. This makes the bowl feel much smaller in the hand, and will also give you a better grip due to more surface area for your fingers.

If you haven’t tried this style of grip we highly recommend trying it out, as it won’t suit all grip techniques. For those who do fit will with it, we have heard nothing but good things.

To summarise, the Blaze is a great indoor bowl for experienced players. It has all the capabilities needed for someone playing either singles, or a skipping role. Taylor are also providing new looks and grips to compete with the best their rivals have to offer.