Taylor GTR Lawn Bowls Review

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Ideal for either indoor or outdoor surfaces, the GTR offers a consistent flat finishing draw shot, and will suit any Southern Hemisphere green.

Taylor GTR Lawn Bowls Review

Bottom line


  • popular with professional players
  • strong all-round bowl


  • May play a bit too wide for those playing lead

Playing surface


Line guide

mid bias

Sizes available



Southern Hemisphere

My Verdict

A new addition to the Taylor range. The GTR is positioned as the “pro’s choice” model for greens in New Zealand and Australia, with players such as Ryan Bester using them.

A slightly wider bias than the hugely popular SR model, it also has a smooth arc to the head. This makes it easier to judge your line, but can make it tricky to draw around other bowls.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor greens in the Southern hemisphere.

Line analysis

The GTR is suitable for all grass and artificial greens with speeds ranging from 12-20 seconds. It will work fine on slower greens too, but the 12-20 second range is optimal.

It travels slightly wider than the hugely popular SR model, but a touch narrower than the Vector VS.

It’s tricky to find footage of the GTR’s line, however this demonstration of the Taylor SR and SRV will give you an idea as to how the bowl travels.

The GTR has been designed for the Southern Hemisphere greens, however it could be playable in the UK on faster outdoor greens and indoor rinks.

Currently it’s only available through Taylor’s international sites, and no signs it will become available to the UK market.

Again, here is a review of the SR model – which is similar to the GTR, except the SR has a slightly narrower bias. Again, this review shows the trajectory but this should give you an idea on how it travels on indoor surfaces.

Sizes and Weights

Currently the GTR is only available in “heavy”.

Sizes 00 – 5

Grips and colours

The Taylor GTR comes in 2 grip options, ungripped and Taylor’s unique half pipe grip. The half-pipe grip is common amongst the rest of their Southern Hemisphere range and is hugely popular.

The GTR is not currently available in either of Taylor’s other unique grips – the Xtreme and Progrip, however they may be available on request. Just get in touch and see what they can do!

The GTR is available in Taylor’s range of 18 colours. Colour choices are also available on the emblem and rings on the bowl, making it easy for you to find the exact look you are after.


The Taylor GTR is a great all rounder for Southern hemisphere conditions. The drawing arc is great for lead bowlers, as the smooth banana arc makes it easier to judge your line consistently. The GTR also offers enough turn for backend bowlers.

If you are looking to move away from your current range of SRs then the GTR will definitely be worth a look.