Taylor Lazer Lawn Bowls Review

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 2 min.

6 reasons to buy/NOT buy Taylor Lazer lawn bowls.

Taylor Lazer Review

Bottom line


  • Ideal for indoor bowling
  • Can be used outdoors when greens are running particularly fast
  • Good all-round bowl – slightly on the narrow side
  • Taylor “ProGrip”
  • Slimline design to help control the bowl


  • Shouldn’t be considered if you plan to play through the outdoor season

Playing surface


Line guide


Sizes available




Taylor Lazer

My Verdict

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Built for indoor play. Great all-round bowl playable from any position in a team. Comes with Taylor “ProGrip” as standard. Should be avoided if you play predominantly on outdoor rinks.

Line analysis

The Taylor Lazer Bowl has the narrowest running bias in the Taylor range, this makes them ideal for indoor play. They can be played outdoors but only on particularly fast greens. We wouldn’t recommend playing with Lazer bowls if you regularly play outdoors in the UK.

The line profile is on the narrow side, even in indoor rinks, so lends itself more towards lead play, but is perfectly playable in any team position.

Taylor Lazer Trajectory Guide

Sizes and Weights

Taylor offers all their models in the full range of sizes (00 to 5), however they only offer this model in heavyweight. You may find other weights on second hand marketplaces, however these will be previous versions of the Lazer.

These are very good bowls and I would recommend them to anyone. This quality is as good as I have seen of any other brands

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Grips and colours

Taylor have kept their colour choices down to a minimum across their whole range. The Lazer model is no different with the only option being the traditional black. If you prefer the modern colour schemes you’ll have to look elsewhere.

These bowls come as standard with the Taylor “ProGrip”, which makes the bowl easier to grip when bowling. The Progrip is a deep circular dimple style that offers you improved control of the bowl. This is designed to help you when playing in wet conditions as the larger surface area offers more grip. When we tried it out in our previous review of the Taylor Ace and were very impressed.

Again with the Lazer, alongside the slim profile, we found we could control the bowl much better. The combination of the ProGrip, and the slim profile is a real stand-out feature. If gripping a bowl is an issue for you, you can check out our guide on the best lawn bowls for small hands.