Taylor Lazer vs Drakes Pride D-TEC | Which is Best?

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Are you a beginner struggling to choose the perfect lawn bowl? Look no further! In this guide, I will be comparing two popular models – the Taylor Lazer and the Drakes Pride D-TEC.

I will cover everything from the specs and bias, to the grip options and price. By the end of this post, you will have a clear understanding of which bowl is the best fit for you. Let’s get started!


The Taylor Lazer lawn bowls have a narrow bias and are best suited for indoor play, although they can also be used for fast outdoor greens. They are available in sizes 00 to 5, but only in the UK market. The Taylor Lazer can also be found on online second-hand marketplaces such as eBay.

The Drakes Pride D-TEC lawn bowl is a narrow biased option that is well-suited for indoor play and fast outdoor greens. It is available in sizes 00 to 5 but exclusively for the UK market. Although it may be challenging to find second-hand options online, it is a worthwhile investment for indoor bowlers or those playing lead on fast outdoor surfaces.


Both the Drakes Pride D-TEC and the Taylor Lazer are narrow biased lawn bowls, with the Lazer being the narrowest biased bowl in the Taylor range, and the D-TEC being the narrowest biased bowl in the Drakes Pride range. Both are ideal for indoor rinks and fast outdoor greens, making them suitable for indoor bowlers. However, they should be avoided if you primarily play outdoors in the UK.

Therefore, when choosing between these two bowls, there isn’t much difference in terms of bias and performance. The main deciding factor should be personal preference, with considerations such as weight, grip, and color also playing a role. It’s recommended to try out both bowls before making a final decision.


When it comes to comparing the grips of the Drakes Pride D-TEC and the Taylor Lazer, there are some key differences to consider. The Taylor Lazer offers the Taylor Progrip as standard, which is a dimple grip recognized as one of the best in the market. However, it does not come with the option of an embedded grip.

On the other hand, Drakes Pride only offers the D-TEC with their standard dimple grip. While a dimple grip is a classic style known for providing better grip thanks to small divots, an embedded grip is set deeper into the bowl, making it feel smaller in your hand. This can be particularly beneficial for bowlers who have difficulties gripping the bowl properly.

In conclusion, the choice between the Drakes Pride D-TEC and the Taylor Lazer in terms of grips will ultimately depend on individual preferences and needs. While the Taylor Progrip is a top-rated dimple grip, the option for an embedded grip may be preferable for some bowlers. Meanwhile, the Drakes Pride D-TEC’s classic dimple grip may work well for those looking for a tried and tested grip style.


Both the Taylor Lazer and the Drakes Pride D-TEC are popular models of lawn bowls with similar price ranges. The Taylor Lazer can be bought new for £290, and second hand for approximately £150-£170. On the other hand, the Drakes Pride D-TEC can also be purchased new for around £290, while second hand costs typically range between £120-200.

Therefore, pricing is not a major deciding factor between these two models. Both offer similar cost ranges depending on whether you opt for a new or second-hand option. It is important to consider other factors such as grip, size, and shape when choosing between these two popular lawn bowl models. Ultimately, your own personal preferences and playing style should be taken into consideration before making a final decision.


Both the Taylor Lazer and the Drakes Pride D-TEC are narrow biased bowls primarily aimed at indoor bowlers, with some outdoor potential. If you’re a lead bowler who plays indoors a lot, either of these bowls could be a good choice. However, the Taylor Lazer might be best to avoid if you bowl outside often, while the D-TEC could be played on faster outdoor surfaces.

Overall, the decision between these two bowls will depend on personal preference and playing style. If you’re an indoor bowler looking for a narrow and precise bowl with a slightly wider bias, the Taylor Lazer could be the right pick. On the other hand, if you want a bowl that can be played both indoors and outdoors and offers a similar bias, the Drakes Pride D-TEC might be the better option. Ultimately, it’s important to test out each bowl for yourself and see which one feels the most comfortable and effective in your hands.


Overall, both the Taylor Lazer and Drakes Pride D-TEC are excellent options for indoor or lead bowlers who prefer narrow biased bowls. They are both available in a range of sizes, with the Taylor Lazer being more readily available on online marketplaces, while the Drakes Pride D-TEC may require purchasing new. Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to personal preference and play style.