Taylor Lazer vs Taylor Ace | Which is Best?

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Are you a beginner when it comes to lawn bowls? The process of choosing the right one can be overwhelming, with so many different options available.

But fear not, because in this blog post, I’ll be comparing two popular models – the Taylor Lazer and Taylor Ace – to help you make an informed decision. I’ll be discussing the spec of each bowl, the bias, various grip options, the price, and who each bowl is best suited for. After taking in all of this valuable information, you’ll have a much clearer idea of which lawn bowl option is the best fit for you.


The Taylor Lazer is a narrow-biased lawn bowl designed for indoor play, making it an excellent choice for bowlers who play on fast outdoor greens or in indoor venues. Available in sizes 00 to 5 for the UK market, the Lazer is a sought-after model that can be found online through second-hand marketplaces like eBay. Overall, this model is a top option for those seeking a precise and accurate bowl for indoor play.

The Taylor Ace is a mid-biased lawn bowl suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Its versatility allows it to be used on various playing conditions, making it an ideal choice for any player. The bowl comes in sizes 00 to 5, but it is only available in the UK market. If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, the Taylor Ace can also be found on online marketplaces such as eBay. Overall, the Taylor Ace is a great option for those looking for a reliable and versatile lawn bowl.


The main difference between the bias of the Taylor Ace and the Taylor Lazer lawn bowl is their degree of bias. The Lazer is a narrow biased bowl, making it ideal for fast outdoor greens and indoor rinks. However, it may not be suitable for outdoor play in the UK. On the other hand, the Ace is a mid-biased bowl that falls between the Blaze and the International in the Taylor range. This makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor play, making it versatile for all types of bowlers.

Overall, when choosing between the Taylor Ace and Taylor Lazer lawn bowls, it is important to consider your preferred playing surface and style. If you intend to play predominantly indoors or on fast outdoor greens, the Lazer is an excellent option due to its narrow bias. However, if you play on a variety of surfaces or prefer a more versatile bowl, the Ace would be a better choice due to its mid-bias and ability to perform well both indoors and outdoors.


When comparing grips of the Taylor Ace and the Taylor Lazer, it’s important to note that the Taylor Lazer only comes with the Progrip, a dimple grip. The Taylor Ace, on the other hand, offers a choice between the Progrip and the Taylor Xtreme grip, an embedded grip.

While an embedded grip is better for those who have difficulty gripping the bowl, some prefer the classic style of the dimple grip. Plus, the Progrip is considered to be one of the best dimple grips available. However, it’s worth noting that an embedded grip is generally considered to offer better control and accuracy.

Overall, the choice between the Taylor Ace and Taylor Lazer may come down to personal preference in regards to grip type. However, the option of an embedded grip with the Taylor Ace may be appealing to those who require extra assistance with grip.


When comparing the prices of the Taylor Ace and the Taylor Lazer lawn bowls, it’s important to note the significant difference in cost. The Taylor Ace is priced at £360 for a new set, which is a considerable jump from the Taylor Lazer’s price of £290. When looking at second-hand options, the Taylor Ace still comes out as the pricier option, with prices ranging from £160-£230, while the Taylor Lazer can be found for around £150-£170.

While the Taylor Ace may be the more expensive option, it’s important to note that price isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a lawn bowl. The Ace is known for its wider drawline and a more comfortable grip, while the Lazer is often chosen for its consistency and reliability. Ultimately, it’s important to choose a lawn bowl that works best for your playing style, even if it means paying a little more for the right set.


If you’re looking for a lawn bowl that suits indoor bowling, then the Taylor Lazer is a great option. Its narrow bias makes it ideal for lead players who need more control over direction than distance. However, if you primarily bowl outdoors, then you might want to skip the Lazer and opt for something else.

On the other hand, the Taylor Ace is an excellent all-rounder that performs well on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. Its mid-bias means it’s versatile enough to suit a range of playing styles and positions. So, if you’re a bowler who likes to play on different surfaces or just want a bowl that can handle different conditions, then the Ace is a solid choice.

Ultimately, the decision between these two popular models will come down to your personal preference and playing style. Whether you go for the Lazer or the Ace, you can be confident that you’re getting a top-quality lawn bowl from a trusted brand.


Overall, both the Taylor Lazer and the Taylor Ace are great lawn bowls options. However, it ultimately comes down to the player’s needs and preferences. The Lazer is best for indoor and fast outdoor play while the Ace is more versatile and suitable for a variety of surfaces and conditions. Additionally, both models can be found on second-hand marketplaces like eBay, making them accessible to a wide range of players. Ultimately, choosing between the two models should depend on the player’s individual playstyle and desired performance outcomes.