Taylor Legacy SL Lawn Bowls Review

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 2 min.

9 reasons to buy/NOT buy Taylor Legacy SL lawn bowls.

Taylor Legacy SL Lawn Bowls Review

Bottom line


  • Slim line design makes the bowl easier to hold
  • Taylor’s Progrip added as standard Superior grip
  • Strong mid-to-wide bias. Ideally suited to outdoor greens
  • Smooth draw arch making it possible to play lead even with the wider bias
  • Ideal for late position play
  • Playable from any team position


  • May not suit bowlers with larger hands
  • Would not suit indoor surfaces

Playing surface


Line guide


Sizes available




Taylor Legacy SL

My Verdict

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The Taylor Legacy SL is a fantastic outdoor bowl. It pairs a mid-to-wide bias with a smooth draw.

The bowl is slimmer than the other Taylor models. This coupled with Taylor’s Progrip makes the Legacy SL ideal for bowlers with smaller hands who struggle to maintain a proper grip of their bowls.

Line analysis

The Taylor Legacy SL has a mid-to-wide bias. This produces a wider arch to the jack compared to the Lazer and Ace models. This makes it ideal for outdoor play in order to handle heavy unresponsive greens.

The wider bias means that you can play skip and other late positions. Also, the smooth draw line means that the Legacy model could be ideal for singles play.

Taylor Legacy SL Trajectory Guide

Taylor Legacy SL Trajectory Guide

Sizes and Weights

Available in the standard set of sizes and weights. 00 through to 5 and available in heavyweight.

Have only had these bowls a couple of weeks & I’m well impressed with them. Being a slimline bowl they fit well in your hand & have improved my accuracy.

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Grips and colours

The Taylor Legacy SL comes with Taylor’s unique Progrip as standard. The Progrip is based on the classic dimple grip, but with a unique shape to improve control. It has been designed to help in the worst conditions so you will always have control of the bowl even in the wettest weather.

The slim line design coupled with the Progrip technology make this the perfect fit for any bowler that struggles to grip their bowls.

You also have the choice of 11 striking colour choices. Solid and speckle colours are available and come in a range from traditional, to spectacular.