Taylor Vector VS vs Taylor International | Which is Best?

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Are you a beginner struggling to choose the perfect lawn bowl? Look no further! In this post, I’ll be comparing two popular models – the Taylor Vector VS and the Taylor International.

We’ll be discussing their specs, bias, grip options, price, and who they’re best suited for. By the end of this guide, you’ll have all the information you need to confidently choose the right lawn bowl for you.


The Taylor Vector VS is a narrow bias lawn bowl that is highly recommended for indoor play and fast-paced outdoor games. It is mainly designed for indoor players or individuals who play lead positions in fast outdoor greens. The bowl is available in sizes ranging from 00 to 5, exclusively for the UK market. Those seeking a more affordable option could look for the Taylor Vector VS on online second-hand marketplaces like eBay.

The Taylor International is a mid-to-wide biased lawn bowl designed for outdoor play. With its versatility, it can be used on different surfaces and conditions making it a go-to choice for many bowlers. The bowl is available in sizes 00 to 5, but unfortunately only in the UK market. However, those interested in getting one can still find it on online second hand marketplaces.


The main difference between the Taylor International and the Taylor Vector VS lawn bowls is their bias. The Taylor International is midbiased to wide biased, while the Taylor Vector VS is narrow biased. This means that the International bowl will have a greater tendency to curve and arc towards the target, making it ideal for outdoor surfaces where the green is slower. The Vector VS, on the other hand, will move less and stay on a straighter path to the target, making it better suited for indoor rinks and faster outdoor greens.

While both bowls have their strengths and weaknesses, they are designed for different types of bowlers. The Vector VS is ideal for indoor bowlers and lead outdoor bowlers because of its narrow bias, which requires less skill and experience to control. The International bowl, on the other hand, is suitable for all outdoor surfaces and is designed for experienced bowlers who can control its wide bias and use it to their advantage. Overall, these two bowls have distinct biases that cater to different styles of play and surfaces, allowing bowlers to choose the best option for their skill level and playing conditions.


Both the Taylor Vector VS and the Taylor International lawn bowls come with the Taylor Progrip as standard, which is a dimple grip and considered one of the best in the market. However, neither model offers an embedded grip option, which is deemed better than a dimple grip.

An embedded grip is set deeper into the bowl, making it feel smaller in your hand, which can benefit bowlers who have difficulty gripping the bowl properly. On the other hand, a dimple grip uses small divots to anchor your fingertips for a better grip, making it a classic style of grip.

Overall, the difference in grips between these two models is minimal since they both have the same standard grip options. However, for bowlers who prefer an embedded grip, neither of these models would be the best choice.


In terms of price, the Taylor International and the Taylor Vector VS are quite similar. Both can be purchased new for £360, which is a considerable investment for lawn bowls. However, it is important to note that the Taylor International can be found second-hand for a lower price range of around £100-£190, while the Taylor Vector VS drops in price but is commonly found in the £160-£190 range when bought used.

While the prices are comparable, it is important to evaluate which model is the better investment for you based on your individual playing style and preferences. Some bowlers may find the features of the Taylor Vector VS make it worth the higher price point, while others may find the lower cost of the Taylor International more appealing. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to decide which model is the best fit for them.


The Taylor Vector VS and the Taylor International are two popular models of lawn bowls with distinct differences in bias and suitability for various playing conditions. The narrow biased Taylor Vector VS is tailored for indoor surfaces but can be played on faster outdoor surfaces. It is most suitable for lead bowlers who require a precise and consistent delivery.

On the other hand, the mid-biased Taylor International is designed for outdoor surfaces but can be used on all surfaces. It offers a more versatile playing experience and is ideal for bowlers who play in various conditions. Unlike the Taylor Vector VS, the Taylor International is better suited for bowlers who require more flexibility on the green and is not limited to a specific position.

Overall, the choice between the two models depends on the player’s skill level, preferred playing surface, and position on the team. While both models are produced by the same manufacturer, their unique features cater to different playing preferences. It is essential to understand these differences before choosing the right bowl for your game.


In conclusion, both the Taylor Vector VS and the Taylor International offer unique advantages to lawn bowlers. The Vector VS is best for indoor bowlers or those playing on fast outdoor greens, while the International is a mid-to-wide biased bowl suitable for a variety of outdoor surfaces and conditions. Both models are available in sizes 00 to 5 in the UK market and can be found on online second-hand marketplaces such as eBay. Ultimately, the choice between these two popular models will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the individual lawn bowler.