How Much Does A Set Of Lawn Bowls Cost? | A Complete Guide

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Buying a set of bowls can be intimidating, especially if you are a new player. The prices can vary wildly, and you want to be sure you are paying a fair price.

The price of a set of bowls will vary depending on several factors (a few of which I’ll run through later), but unsurprisingly the main difference in price comes down to whether the bowls are bought new or second hand.

In this guide I’ll run through a few example of both to give you an idea on how much bowls are, regardless of your budget.

Average Cost Of A Set Of Lawn Bowls

The price of a set of bowls can range from £30-£300+ depending on their condition. For a decent set of second hand bowls you would expect to pay between £60-£150, whereas new bowls are in the region of £280-£350.

How much are second hand bowls?

As I mentioned above, you can expect to pay between £60-150 for a decent set of second hand bowls, however you can get them for as little as £30.

If you are new to the sport and are unsure if you will be taking bowls up long term I would recommend you get some closer to the £30. These will be more than enough to get you going on your journey with bowls.

For those moving into the “intermediate” levels I would recommend paying that little bit more for a set. These will be the set you will use for the next 5-10 years, so it’s worth paying a bit more to get something you really want.

If you want to know more about buying second hand, see my guide on second hand bowls.

How much are new bowls?

If you buy bowls brand new from one of the main lawn bowls brands you should expect to pay in the region of £280-350.

Not only does it cost far more to buy brand new, it also takes longer. Lead times for new bowls can often be several months.

Having said that, the customisation options are nearly endless. If you have the money to spend, and you are after something a bit special, then buying a brand new set of bowls may be the way to go for you.

Factors that affect price

There are 2 main drivers of prices – especially for second hand bowls. These are:

  • age
  • make/model

Lets take a look at each.


The older the set of bowls the cheaper they are. Older bowls aren’t “less good” – they will still perform consistently and will be fine for most bowlers – however tastes change in bowls.

Older bowls will often have different grip styles. Either favouring the rose pattern, or with no grip at all. Most bowlers like playing with either a dimple grip, or an embedded grip (this is where the grip is set slightly in the bowl).

Also older bowls have a stronger bias, meaning they bend more. Many bowlers prefer a slightly straighter bowl, so these older style bowls don’t suit the style of play of many club players.

These are of course generalisations, and may not be true for all older bowls.

Make and model

Some makes and models are just more popular.

Models such as the Professional or the Taylor Ace will often cost more due to their popularity. Both of these models would be considered “mid biased”, and any mid biased bowl will be worth more.

These bowls are ideal for player would play both outdoors and indoors. This allows players to own just one set – hence their popularity.

Another factor is the make. Some brands just don’t come around often, such as Aero bowls. Brands such as Drakes Pride have been around for decades, so there are plenty of sets in use. Aero however are relatively new, meaning that there isn’t the same number of sets being sold.


Bowls can be purchased at pretty much any price point between £30 and £350. There is a set for any budget.