Drakes Pride Professional Lawn Bowls Review

  • By: Reece Williams
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9 reasons to buy/NOT buy Drakes Pride Professional lawn bowls.

Drakes Pride Professional Lawn Bowls Review

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Drakes Pride Professional

My Verdict

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Versatile bowl with medium bias. Ideal of outdoor bowls at a very competitive price.

The professional model is the perfect model for any bowler who wants a versatile bowl. It’s just as comfortable on the indoor rinks as it is outdoors. With quality grip options and colours you can be guaranteed to find something to your tastes.

Many bowlers like to play indoor and outdoor bowls. This is great to play all year round, however this makes for the issue of “what model of bowls should I choose?”. The big difference between fast indoor rinks and outdoor greens can be huge, and not many can afford two sets of bowls.

Today, we look at the Drakes Pride Professional range which offers a perfect balance for all surfaces. They are currently the most popular bowl available today. Do they live up to the high expectation? Is this the last set of bowls you’ll ever need to buy? Let’s find out…

Line analysis

The Professional model is a “Mid biased” bowl, sitting between the d-tec and XP models. This bias characteristic allows it to be equally playable on indoor and outdoor surfaces. The bias will mean your line will be on the narrow side on outdoor greens, but should allow for a decent swing on indoor surfaces.

This will need to be taken into account if you usually play as a skip, as this may limit your shot options.However, the slightly narrow line, coupled with its gradual and consistent finish makes them ideal for players in early-to-mid positions in a team.

Drakes Pride Professional Trajectory Guide

Drakes Pride Professional Trajectory Guide

Sizes and Weights

As you’d expect the Professional comes in sizes 00 to 5, however, is only available in “Heavyweight”. This is the norm these days, and with Drakes Pride following the World Bowls sizing standards you can be confident in getting the right size.

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Grips and colours

The Professional comes with two grip options, the 30 dimple grip, and ring grip. Both are common amongst Drakes Pride bowls so either are perfectly good and will come down to personal preference.

As with the other Drakes Pride models, the Professional bowl comes in 20 different colour choices. They range from the traditional tastes to some rather striking speckled effects.

The Professional model is the most popular bowl on the market today, and it’s easy to see why.