Taylor Lazer vs Aero GrooVe | Which is Best?

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Are you new to lawn bowling and feeling overwhelmed with the variety of options available? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the differences between two popular models – the Taylor Lazer and the Aero GrooVe.

We’ll compare the specs, the bias, the grip options, the price, and ultimately decide which bowl would be the best fit for you. So sit back, relax, and let’s find your perfect lawn bowl together.


The Taylor Lazer is a narrow biased lawn bowl that is suitable for indoor play and fast outdoor greens. It is available in sizes 00 to 5 for the UK market only and can be found on online second-hand marketplaces like eBay. This model is a popular choice for indoor bowlers and those who play lead on faster outdoor greens.

The Aero GrooVe lawn bowl is a mid-biased bowl that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. It is a versatile bowl that can be used on various surfaces and conditions. The bowl is available in sizes 00 to 5, but only in the UK market. It can be challenging to find second-hand Aero GrooVe bowls in online marketplaces like eBay, so it is best to purchase them new.


The Aero GrooVe and Taylor Lazer lawn bowls have different biases, with the GrooVe being a mid-biased bowl and the Lazer being a narrow-biased bowl. The Taylor Lazer is the narrowest biased bowl in the Taylor range, making it ideal for indoor rinks and fast outdoor greens. However, it should be avoided for outdoor play in the UK. In contrast, the Aero GrooVe is between the Quantum and Sonic in the Aero range, with a mid-bias that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. Both bowls are suitable for indoor bowlers, but the GrooVe is the better option for those who primarily play outdoors.

In summary, the main difference between the Aero GrooVe and Taylor Lazer lawn bowls is their bias. The Lazer is a narrow-biased bowl that is best suited for indoor play and fast outdoor greens, while the GrooVe has a mid-bias and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. Bowlers who primarily play indoors may prefer the Lazer, while those who play outdoors will likely find the GrooVe to be more versatile.


When comparing the grips of the Aero GrooVe and Taylor Lazer lawn bowls, it’s clear that Aero offers more grip options for their customers. Aero includes a dimple grip, embedded grip, and non-gripped option available at no extra cost. In contrast, the Taylor Lazer only comes with the Taylor Progrip as standard, which is a dimple grip. The Taylor Lazer does not offer an embedded grip option, which is considered to provide a better grip by certain bowlers.

The embedded grip on the Aero GrooVe is set deeper into the bowl, which can make it feel smaller and easier to grip for those who struggle with holding the bowl correctly. On the other hand, the dimple grip that comes standard with the Taylor Lazer has small divots or dimples that run along the bowl’s shoulder, which assists in providing a better grip.

Overall, while both models offer a gripped option, Aero’s GrooVe model provides more choice with their grip options, including an embedded grip that is not available with the Taylor Lazer. Bowlers who prioritize grip may want to consider the Aero GrooVe for its versatile grip options.


When comparing the prices of the Aero GrooVe and Taylor Lazer lawn bowls, it is clear that the Aero GrooVe is the more expensive option. The Aero GrooVe can be bought new for around £400, while the Taylor Lazer is priced at around £290. Additionally, even if purchasing a used set, the Aero GrooVe still tends to be more expensive, with prices ranging from £300-£360 compared to £150-£170 for the Taylor Lazer.

While the Aero GrooVe may come at a higher price, it is important to note that it offers some unique features not found in the Taylor Lazer, such as its curved-shaped grip and dimpled surface technology. Whether or not these features are worth the added cost is ultimately up to the individual player’s preferences and budget. However, those on a tighter budget may find the Taylor Lazer to be a more appealing option with its lower price point.


The Taylor Lazer and the Aero GrooVe are both popular models of lawn bowls but have different advantages depending on the needs of the bowler. The Taylor Lazer is narrow biased and best suited for indoor bowlers and lead players. Its design makes it perfect for accurate shots and controlling the game from the front. However, outdoor bowlers may find it challenging to adapt to the narrow bias.

On the other hand, the Aero GrooVe is a dual-purpose bowl that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. This flexibility is perfect for bowlers who enjoy playing in different environments. The Aero GrooVe’s design allows it to be played in multiple positions in a team, making it a versatile choice. Bowlers who are looking for a bowl that can perform well in various playing conditions will appreciate the Aero GrooVe’s adaptability.

In summary, the Taylor Lazer is an excellent choice for indoor bowlers who play lead positions and require precise control. Meanwhile, the Aero GrooVe is ideal for bowlers who want to play both indoors and outdoors and who require versatility in their gameplay. Choosing between these two models ultimately comes down to the individual bowler’s preference and playing style.


In conclusion, while both the Taylor Lazer and the Aero GrooVe are quality lawn bowls, the Aero GrooVe emerges as a more versatile and durable option for different playing conditions. Its mid-bias design allows for smooth indoor and outdoor play, making it a great choice for all-round players. The Taylor Lazer, on the other hand, is ideal for those who predominantly play indoors or on fast outdoor greens. Lastly, the Aero GrooVe may be harder to find on second-hand marketplaces like eBay, but you can easily purchase them new to enjoy their benefits. Ultimately, the choice between these two models depends on your personal preferences and the conditions you play on.