Aero Z-Scoop Grip Review | Is The Aero Z-Scoop Grip Any Good?

  • By: Reece Williams
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Aero was the first bowls manufacturer to make an embedded grip when they launched the Z-Scoop. It turned out to be the first of many embedded grips now on the market. But how does the Z-Scoop stack up against it’s modern counterparts?

The Z-Scoop was the original embedded grip and has been popular with bowlers ever since it was launched. However over the past few years it finds competition, namely from Taylor with their Xtreme grip, Drakes Pride with their PRO-50 bowl and Henselite’s Mega grip.

Just how good is the Z-Scoop? And how does it stack up to the modern competition? I’ll cover this in my guide to the Z-Scoop grip.

Is the Aero Z-Scoop Grip good?

Yes, the Z-Scoop is still a fantastic option for someone looking to get an embedded grip.

Whilst other brands might produce deeper grips, the Z-Scoop is still one of the most comfortable to use due to the Zigzag grip.

And unlike other brands who only add their embedded grips to their top selling models, Aero makes it available across their range.

Read on for my full review of the Aero Z-Scoop Grip.

What is the Z-Scoop Grip?

At this point it seems right to go over exactly what the S-Scoop grip is.

The Z-Scoop grip is an embedded grip – which is where a slight channel is made around the shoulder of the bowl and a grip pattern is added deeper into the bowl.

An embedded grip has the added advantage of being placed within the bowl, which makes the bowl feel smaller in your hand. This along side the additional surface area of the channel against your fingers gives you more control over the bowl.

However, whilst every other brand places some kind of standard dimple grip in the embedded grip, Aero has used their “Zigzag” grip pattern for the Z-Scoop.

In the image above, you can see how all of those features combine (the embedded channel, and the Zigzag grip pattern) to make up the Z-Scoop.


The main benefit of the Z-Scoop grip is that your fingers are placed slightly within the bowl. This makes the bowl feel smaller in your hand, whilst still having the extra weight of the larger bowl.

This is great for anyone who has issues with gripping their bowl, but who don’t want to go down a size.

I also really like the Zigzag grip. Its very different to the classic dimple grip that you get on every other bowl.

As there are no dimples you don’t have to fiddle around as much to get your fingers into a comfortable spot.

A dimple grip is great, but only if you can get your fingers to sit comfortably in a dimple, which can be awkward, even if only one finger doesn’t quite sit right.

As the Zigzag is so even, and that it doesn’t require your fingers to be placed in a certain way, it can feel very natural to just pick up the bowl and bowl.

Aero do say that the Zigzag pattern also helps in wet conditions, as the water runs through the Zigzag. The benefit here is very small, at least to me, but any help in the wet is welcome in my book!


The main issue with the Z-Scoop – as with all embedded grips – is that it can be problematic if you don’t place your fingers along the shoulders of the bowl.

Some bowlers do like to wrap their fingers across the running surface of the bowl, and in doing so you may find your fingers sitting awkwardly on one of these channels in the bowl.

However, this issue is less pronounced in the Z-Scoop compared to other manufacturers who make their channels far deeper – such as the Taylor Xtereme grip.

What models is Z-Scoop Grip available on?

The Z-Scoop is available on every model in the Aero range at no extra cost.

This is a fantastic selling point as every other brand either only offers their embedded grip on certain models, or they make it an optional extra.

The cost of the grip may be covered by the slightly more premium pricing of Aero bowls, however as you get so many more customisation options with Aero, you certainly get your monies worth.

Bottom Line

The Aero Z-Scoop may be the first embedded grip, but it certainly remains one of the best on the market.

The combination of the channel, and the unique Zigzag grip pattern makes the Z-Scoop incredibly comfortable and natural to hold.

If you are on the look out for a new set of bowls, and you are considering moving down a size, give an Aero a go, and see if the Z-Scoop works for you.

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