Lawn Bowls Bias Guide And Trajectory Charts | A Helpful Illustrated Guide

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Trajectory guides for the most popular lawn bowl brands. Drakes Pride, Taylor, Henselite and Aero.

Lawn Bowls Bias Guide And Trajectory Charts | A Helpful Illustrated Guide

In this guide we hope to give you some insight into the different bias profiles for some of the most popular bowls models on the market. We currently have guides for 3 of the biggest makers in the UK today, Taylor, Drake’s Pride, Henselite and Aero.

Each guide will show the amount of bias through the size, and depth of the curve. All guides are colour coded to help compare models between brands, however these are just a guide and may not be accurate when doing so.

The guides currently do not consider the line profile. For example, Aero bowls often start to turn earlier than other makes. This is not showing in these guides.

Trajectory guides are essential to help make an informed decision on what model to buy. It can be quite confusing when you have so many models to understand which one best fits your needs.

Many bowlers have a preference for a specific brand, so we have split our charts accordingly. Below you will find a chart for each of the major UK brands – Aero, Drakes Pride and Taylor.

Before we look at the different charts, lets review what bias is, and how it works.

Lawn bowls bias explained

Lawn bowls are not perfectly round. One side will be slightly heavier than the other, leading the bowl to curve in that direction. A bias can be manipulated by a manufacture to give a specific trajectory, depending on the goal of the player.

Aero bowls bias chart

Aero has specific models designed for indoor and outdoor greens, as well as a couple of models overlapping both.

For this purpose we have split Aero models into two separate charts. You will find both GrooVe and Quantum models on each chart, playing wider on indoor rinks, and narrower on outdoor rinks.

Trajecotry guide/bias guide for Aero lawn bowl outdoor models
Trajecotry guide/bias guide for Aero lawn bowl indoor models

On the draw shot every Aero Model starts to turn approximately halfway between the mat and the jack.

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Drakes Pride bowls bias chart

Drakes Pride models can be played both indoor and outdoor, with the exception of the XP model.

The wider trajectory makes this perfect for play as a skip, or for playing on heavy early season greens.

Trajecotry guide/bias guide for Drakes Pride lawn bowl models

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Henselite Bowls bias chart

Henselite are one of the most popular brands of bowls in the UK.

Their Tiger, and Tiger II models can be seen on almost every club green in the country! Their bowls are also extremely popular on indoor rinks too.

Taylor Bowls bias chart

Taylor offer a wide range of models. Whilst they don’t explicitly split their models between indoor and outdoor, we would recommend not going beyond and Ace for indoor play. You may be able to play with a Vector VS on an outdoor rink, however this will be on the narrow side.

Trajecotry guide/bias guide for Thomas Taylor lawn bowl models

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